Video Wig Review – Top Notch Topper by Jon Renau

OK, this is not the best video I’ve ever made, but I’ll show it anyway. I have never been skilled with toppers, and although I thought I did an OK job with this one, the second I walked out of my office after filming my husband looked at me funny and said, are you wearing a toupee? So no, I did not do a good job, since he never says anything about my wigs unless he doesn’t like something about them (he’s not rude, just so totally used to seeing me with all sorts of hair on my head that he stopped reacting a long time ago).

This is NOT the topper’s fault. In fact, this is a really nice one, with a double-monofilament top for realism and not too much lift up top. It’s also a nice mid-length, stopping right about the chin. The clips are strong and not uncomfortable, and the synthetic fiber is nice. It was ready to wear right out of the box. I just don’t have skill with hairpieces and never have, which is why I always went for wigs instead.

I couldn’t even  bring myself to show the part of the video where I have it on my head, it looks too silly. But I did take a decent before and after picture where I do the topper some sort of justice.


It’s great for adding some lift or covering hair loss on top of the head, but color match can be an issue and the topper doesn’t quite match my bio hair; it doesn’t help that I’m growing out old hair dye and the bottom of my hair is lighter than the top, so between the topper, my natural color, and the hair dye, I have three colors going on here and it looks pretty weird. And I could not get the topper placed so the hairline looked natural. With some practice I could learn to pull this off, but I’ll probably just sell this one to someone who can use it and go buy another wig!

Here’s a little part of the video where i show the topper and the inside of the monofilament top.

Disclaimers: I bought this item with my own money and no one paid or asked me to do the review. Opinions are my own.

7 thoughts on “Video Wig Review – Top Notch Topper by Jon Renau

  1. Hi, I have tried a topper similar to this one but can’t make it blend for the life of me. I don’t have enough hair in front. I finally found something I think may work because it has a lace front. It’s a wicket by Estetica 811. I tried a search for photos & reviews but it takes me to your old blog & the photos are gone. I was wondering, what were your thoughts on it? Was it decent quality and natural looking? My hair loss is top front and one side. I do have a little bit of a bang which I tuck behind one ear. Thanks in advance for your help. Your blog has helped me a ton!

    • That blog had photos from lots of people, and someone else had shared a photo of the topper, unfortunately. I never could wear them so this is one of the few I ever tried. Sorry I can’t be of any more help, but check out YouTube as I’m sure there are lots of tutorials there. Also the blog “Corner of Hope and Mane” – she wears a lot of toppers. 🙂

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