Video Wig Review: Limited Edition by Gabor in Color GL8-10 (Dark Chestnut)

I think somewhere in this video I call the color “dark walnut.” Oops. Who can keep some of these color names straight, anyway? Gabor gets particularly crazy; they have so many numbers and words to describe what are, quite honestly, some of the most boring colors available. Only Estetica might be worse with the poor color choices. Gabor also has these certain colors with a “+” at the end of them, which means something but I don’t know what, and I still don’t know what the “GL” is for either. But then you’ll have something like a “gl” with a “+” at the end too, and it’s amazing to me that after all that secret coding the color is still just “brown.” And at one time they were putting the word “mist” at the end of every color too, for added fun. Someone should tell them that just tacking a bunch of things onto a color description does not make a plain medium blonde more exciting. And my FAVORITE color description Gabor has ever come up with was, “Buttered Toast Mist.” That’s right – just throw the word “mist” in there even though it sounds like some sort of bizarre haunting one might experience inside an abandoned IHOP…moving on.

This wig looks so pretty on the model…on me, not so much.


And notice how in the video I mention several times that the color is not good on me, then I went and ordered a Gabor Appeal in the same damn color. Sigh. It’s all those letters and numbers again…got me confused. I was thinking this was the “GL10-12 Hot Maple Mist +.” Or something.

Anyway here it is – soon to be for sale at an eBay auction near you. But seriously, it’s a very nice wig, just not good on me.

Disclaimers: I bought this item with my own money and no one paid or asked me to do the review. Opinions are my own.

11 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Limited Edition by Gabor in Color GL8-10 (Dark Chestnut)

  1. Marey ,I like the cut and style . I agree about the color it makes you look very pale and I can see the hair line and it looks fake. I would suggest a lighter color, like honey blonde or a dark blonde I think you would look much better with that color! I’m just loving those beautiful long white nails you have I want mine hands to look as beautiful as yours darling!

    Much love, XXXXX

    • Yeah, I can’t believe I went and ordered another wig in this damn color! Ugh! But it is a long wig, so maybe that will help. I think it’s the combo of both color AND style (on me, it’s a nice style on the right person) making this a flop. And I wasn’t feeling that hairline either – weird. I think it’s both too dense and too “straight” in shape – it goes straight across my forehead instead of having a curve to it. No one’s hairline does that. Could be fixed if you plucked at it a bit though.

  2. Wow – love your nails, great color and length. Sorry didn’t pay much attention to the wig, too busy following your hand gestures!!

  3. Sorry to say, although it is kind of nice, the front makes it look very wiggy. A couple of shade lighter I feel would look better on you.
    On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give it a 6.
    Do like your nails.

    • The nails are getting lots of attention in that white…LOL. And yeah, this one is definitely NOT a keeper. I’ve tried a few other Gabors lately, and am not too impressed with any of them. The Stylista is better, but still not thrilling.

  4. Thank you for your videos. I want to buy a topper that matches my hair in Gabor so seeing the colors is important. My hair has thinned on the top since Menopause so I have a bald patch in the front of my hair line and it’s bumming me out.

    In your video you called it ash brown then corrected yourself saying you didn’t know what ash is. I’m not giving you a hard time. I have been a licensed stylist in California since 1987. So I thought I would explain base and highlights of this hair color because I noticed the wig colors you like have highlights in blonde that is ash/cool tone. This wig is a warm almost copper tone. All hair color has a base using primary colors Red, Yellow, and Blue or a combination. Once you figure out the base and what goes well with your skin tone it’s much easier to pick a color. You don’t appear to like a lot of red in your colors. This dark Chestnut is GL8-10 has lights with base of yellow and red creating the warm copper effect. The GL6-30 Mahogany in the Gabor Simply Flawless the 30 highlights appear to be violet (Blue/yellow) base so much cooler tone similar to the Jon Renau Nita in 130-4. I agree your skin tone does look very nice with the cooler colors which is probably why you are drawn to them. You have a very good eye. If you see a wig color that says ash highlights it will probably work well on you. If it says copper highlights it probably won’t work.

    I’m just getting into wigs and toppers so your videos have been helpful. Some of the color numbers on wigs make sense and other confuse me. This one confuses me. When coloring hair we look at level and base. Level is how dark it is 1 being black and 10 been white blonde. So a 5 or 6 is a medium brown. Base is the tone of the color. Is it cool or warm? In hair color a 6V would be a medium eggplant brown with a violet base. So the base color of this wig the 5G (medium golden brown) not an 8 which is a dark blonde. The highlight color 30 number also appears to be random In hair color world this would be a 6CR (medium copper red) slightly lighter then the base color. So my training is useless in wig world. That is why your videos help me, those tiny swatches on the websites don’t allow me to really see the color. Thanks for the reviews. I hope something I wrote here was useful. Sorry it’s so long.

    • Thanks Sherry! Yeah, I think some of these wig companies (most of them, maybe) use their own internal numbering system when it comes to labeling the colors. And you’re right, there’s no way those color swatches on the computer screen will work! Good luck to you, and thanks for your comments, you are obviously knowledgeable about hair styling and color – which can be a benefit or a burden when it comes to wigs. ON the one hand you can probably find a way to work with the wigs easier than someone like me with no styling knowledge or skill, but I am sure it’s frustrating in all the ways the wig world and the hairstyling world do not match up. Good luck to you!

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