Video Wig Review: Nina by Jon Renau in Color 10/26SST4

This is such a cute wig; I’ve reviewed it before but I couldn’t find the older video so I filmed a new one with a new Nina I found online. The color is gorgeous (I think my previous Nina was the same color) and it is so cute, but as it was last time I tried, it’s just too much hair on me.

Side note: I’ve gotten a couple of “what’s with all this hair and makeup crap?” questions about the blog, and you know, I get it – if you started following me here because you liked my poetry or my photography you probably didn’t expect to get inundated with videos about wigs in your feed. But what can I say – I’ve never forced my blog to be about one thing (well, I tried a few times, but failed) because my life isn’t about one thing either. As I go down new paths and develop new interests in my life, I choose to write about them and share the discoveries here, rather than keep those interests contained to one space as I do elsewhere on the internet (self portraits on Flickr, plane photos on Twitter, political discussions via private conversations on Facebook, personal and work stuff on my private blog). I choose to let things flow and meander more here, since it is an amalgamation of all the things I get into over time. And unlike some other people online, I’m not trying to construct and tweak my representation on my blog so that I appear to be some certain way in which I want to be perceived. If my current direction makes me appear “superficial” and “frivolous” to others (which shouldn’t surprise you anyway, since frivolity is part of my tag line) I’m not going to stifle myself because I’m overly invested in being seen in some sort of perfect internet light. And anyway – I’ll have you know that while for me, wigs are now a strictly cosmetic interest, at one time they were not, and these videos and blog posts do help people who have a need to wear wigs and want to make informed decisions about how they spend their time and money. In other words, screw you and the sanctimonious horse you rode in on. Also, turn that pony around and gallop along, cause in your opinions I’m not much interested.

But enough about those wankers. Back to Nina:

Disclaimers: I bought this item with my own money and no one paid or asked me to do the review. Opinions are my own.

14 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Nina by Jon Renau in Color 10/26SST4

  1. So I haven’t even gotten to the wig review yet because I’m laughing so hard!!!!!!!! I just love your retorts and maybe you didn’t mean to make anyone laugh but I couldn’t help it. No sanctimonious horses here!!! Love your blog any way you want to make it! Now back to the wig review…I can’t wear those thick ones though but love watching anyway. Have you ever tried a “Bailey” by ROP?

  2. It’s cute,love the color and it looks terrific on you! I have a message for you arm chair quaterback critcs whos are critical of these reviews,Piss off!!! she does a fine job with these reviews!!!

  3. Love your slap on the wrist to ignoramuses – it is a great read! Amore has two new 2015 double monotop wigs just out and was wondering if you could do a review at some point in time. I think only Cysterwigs is displaying them at the moment. Please keep doing reviews – love them.

    • I’ve seen those two Amores but they’re outta my price range right now! I wouldn’t do the Sadie because that’s a style I have never been able to wear. And probably the Madelyn wouldn’t be great on me either because heavy bangs are NOT for me. But I never say never! One might show up on clearance somewhere and I’ll snatch it up LOL

  4. You look great in them all. I have a Flickr question. I want to post albums for family. If they are public will they need to register to see them?

  5. Well, I like the wig, I like the color, and oh yeah, I still like your nails, and I like your videos and written blogs. It’s your blog…you do what you like and don’t listen to others.

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