Video Wig Review: Laine by Rene of Paris in Coffee Latte


I have always loved this wig. As I mention in the video, a lot of people dislike it because PERMATEASE, but it doesn’t bother me here. It’s a lot, but it gives the wig a lovely shape.

In fact, I very much want to try a custom order with Rene of Paris for Laine, to get it in a rooted color. However, in order to do this I’ll need to order 6 of the wigs (all in the same color), and it will cost more per wig. So I’ll need to drum up some other wig-wearers who would also want to try a custom Laine – like I did with my custom Shilo. Since Shilo was a monofilament top, we only had to order three that time, but ROP wants a minimum of 6 in a non-mono. So there you go. My only other decision to make is what color to get. Rooted shades look best when there’s a dramatic difference between the root color and the hair fiber, as in blonde shades, but I don’t really want to go that light. Almond Spice-R, maybe? Or perhaps that awesome new Crimson-LR I got for the Angelica? Decisions, decisions…guess first I need to see how many other people I can get on board to buy one, and figure out a color that would make everyone happy.

Also, I really tried this week to learn and utilize better video editing software for my vids, so I could do things like correct color balance and add saturation as well as try out some more interesting transitions and fades (without going overboard and getting cheesy, of course) but my knowledge base is too low to do these things with any level of success, plus my poor laptop is so overburdened as it is that it couldn’t handle the software without crashing. So, alls you get is some new titles and a fancier screenshot photo. Oh well. I’m reading up on camera settings for the 7D that I use, since I think that will take care of some of the issues that are bugging me right now; probably I can correct a lot of things in-camera without having to resort to different software anyway. We’ll see if future videos show any improvement once I make my tweaks.

Anyway, here’s Laine! I know I am messing with her a lot, but she was right out of the box and the hair does take awhile to tame on this one. Lots of little flyaways in the face the first few wears.

Disclaimers: I bought this item with my own money and no one paid or asked me to do the review. Opinions are my own.

31 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Laine by Rene of Paris in Coffee Latte

  1. I use iMovie which has some fun editing things. The Lain wig I love as well I wish it had a lace front. And I’d love to see it in a rooted colour that would be pretty awesome.

  2. Very pretty on you! It reminds me a bit of the Seville but a little shorter? It would be too much hair for me I think. Have been looking at the ROP Jordin. Have you tried that one?

    • TressAllure is the designer who used to work for Noriko, so most of their styles are Norikos with different names. The colors are also Noriko colors re-named. I have a review for one called Avery that is really Jackson, but I haven’t edited it yet. Which one are you looking at?

    • It does come in at least one dark blonde, and there’s a Chestnut color also. If you go to Name Brand Wigs and do a search for it, you can see the color options. It’s fab!

  3. Love your reviews and with your features, everything looks great on you. Must say I’m always watching those gorgeous nails in action – love that nail polish color. Do you have favorite wigs? The Shilo is to die for in that coloring of sandy silver – are there any Amore wigs you like? I am finding lace front wigs with their single monotops just don’t have any lasting power. So glad you are back on Vogue Wigs with your reviews and pictures. Always a pleasure having you model wigs and your frank opinion. You have the best videos – keep spending and buying…

    • Sorry I missed this comment somehow! I really like Brandi and Samantha by Amore. Brandi is next on my list for a long wig, I just haven’t pulled the trigger yet. LOL at Vogue Wigs – I just posted that one review to see how many points they are now giving for them since they reduced their rewards program so drastically – I used to get 10 points per review now it was literally .5 points. That isn’t really why I posted reviews before, but stil, that’s a huge drop. I don’t like the fact that they can use your photos or words in any way they see fit, so I most likely will not review many things there anymore. They once put a photo of me in a catalog and most people thought i should have been flattered, but I do not like my photos or words being used without at least the courtesy of asking if I mind. So I am much more careful about all that now. Although I did review the Kell there too, but since I wasn’t positive about it the probably won’t post it. They do that over there now.

  4. The sound is now working on my end, but the second video still shows as nonexistent.
    I like Laine on you, and the color works.
    I also like your new goldish, purplish nail color. Yeah they’re long, but beautiful.
    The titles turned out great.

  5. Every time you post a blog entry, I get an email with a link to the new post. They always work, as this one does. The other gives a message from WP (I think) that says, sorry we’re embarrassed, but that page doesn’t exist.
    Again, maybe it’s my provider with a problem. Have other people posted comments? If so, it may be a problem on my end.

    • Oooh I know what happened. After I published it, I went in and changed the date on it, so the link from the email won’t work. It’s not listed as the previous video to this one. I didn’t want it showing up on the homepage because the wig looks like crap on me, LOL. I wanted Laine to show up first.

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