Video Wig Review: Misha by Rene of Paris in Almond Rocka

First of all, if you remember my Freestyle by Raquel Welch wig review, you know that I was really overwhelmed by the amount of hair that wig had. Well, I sent it to my friend Lana in Canada who has just posted her review of it on her blog, and it looks so much better on  her than it did on me; if you want to see how that wig looks on someone else, go check her review out. I am going to update the original review with a link to Lana’s also.

Misha is a nice long style from the Rene of Paris line, but the bangs on it are quite heavy which makes it a little odd. Still, it can be had for a nice price and for most people, bangs are an easy thing to fix; I am not skilled at trimming bangs so I don’t do it myself but I know a lot of wig-wearers who do (it is certainly helpful to be capable of a little customizing when wearing wigs since even a little snip here and there can  make a big difference). It could probably also be thinned a bit up top, which I may try, but you have to be careful thinning around permatease as you can end up with lots of little hairs sticking up noticeably.

I was curious how Almond Rocka would look in a long wig, too, so I’m glad to get a chance to check that out. Almond Rocka is such an odd color; it’s a medium brown with what ROP calls “apricot” highlights, which, okay. There is this odd orange-y highlight running through it, which sounds horrible, but it’s actually quite pretty. The first few times I tried this color I didn’t like it, but it was on wigs I didn’t like to start with so that probably affected my thinking (Kelly by Amore which was way too many layers around my face, and a May by Noriko that was defective and looked like it had been gnawed on by wolves). I was convinced the Almond Rocka was a no-go for me after that, but it’s such an appealing and unusual blend of colors that I recently decided to give it another go. ROP certainly does know how to create some of the most beautiful colors out there; I think the only other manufacturer to consistently come up with pretty colors is Raquel Welch. From both lines, there are several colors I like and can wear; unlike, say, Jon Renau where I always know my choices are slim (4/33, 6, Shaded Peach, or 6F27), none of them are anything too exciting, and they haven’t come up with any new colors in forever. ROP, on the other hand, is introducing new colors all the time, which is smart in my opinion. That way, even if you are fully stocked on wigs you like, you’ll be tempted to purchase new ones to add some new color to your wig closet. Moving on.

So here’s Misha – not bad for a nice low price. Oh, and I’ve heard through the grapevine that Rene of Paris (which is ROP, Noriko, and Amore) is increasing their prices soon by 3%, so hit those Fourth of July sales early and snatch some up now before that happens!

Disclaimer: I purchased this item with my own money and no one asked me to do this review. Opinions are my own. 

13 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Misha by Rene of Paris in Almond Rocka

  1. I like this one on you a lot! Very pretty and I like the length. I was looking at STevie but this one is shorter isn’t it? How would you compare those two and which one do you like better? If I got Stevie I’d have to trim her shorter though. Nice price on Misha with 30% off!

    • They’re pretty different. Stevie has almost no lift to the crown so it’s quite flat/close to the head. The bangs on Misha are thick and long but on Stevie, it’s a fairly small wispy bang. And it is quite a bit longer than Misha. If you are familiar with the Robin by Noriko, that’s the wig i would compare Stevie to. Stevie’s the double-mono version of Robin IMHO. (I have a Robin on the way in Chocolate Swirl, BTW. I can’t wear Stevie – it’s too flat and long on me and it drags my face down. But it’s very pretty on the right person).

      • Thanks! Ended up getting a Revlon Caroline and a Estetica Angela…but may try the Laine also since it’s so cheap. I know the STevie and Robin would be way too long and don’t feel like worrying about trimming them.

        • I actually used some steam today to get my Laine to stay out of my face and I think it worked! I also steamed the kink out of the Codo Mono and it looks a little better. Good to know I can actually do that now; I never tried it before!

    • Well not so sure that’s a good idea…I managed to successfully steam a few wigs that needed a little help, but I also killed two! And one I’d just gotten in the mail that day! Ugh.

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