Video Wig Review: Brandi by Amore in Toasted Brown and Midnight Pearl (Custom Color)

Brandi was the first Amore wig I ever purchased, and it pretty much spoiled me for all other long wigs. It’s just so dang pretty.And at a time when the prices on most long synthetic wigs are escalating, it’s nice that Brandi can still be had for around $130 (although that price is most likely going up a bit soon).

Speaking of prices, I mentioned this briefly in an earlier post, but since I do see more and more people discussing the issue I’d like to bring up Vogue Wigs’s recent changes to their site again. Aside from the fact that the new design is terribly unwieldy for the online shopper and unappealing to the eye, they completely changed their rewards program and eliminated hundreds of points from their most loyal customers. I had 500 points pending and a current balance of about 350 the day before they switched their site over to the new design, and once that was done I had about 400 points total and all pending points disappeared. But the worst part is the rewards structure itself. Whereas before the switch 500 points would get me a $50 coupon, it now gets me $10. And I still can’t figure out now the points work for submitting reviews,they are apparently worth a lot less than they used to be (I reviewed something just to check out how it would work, and the site told me I received .5 credits for my review, whereas before one review was worth 10 points).

I realize that in the grand scheme of things none of this is a big deal, but I’m reading and hearing enough complaints to understand that it’s a PR problem if nothing else. Everyone losing a huge chunk of their pending rewards is pretty bad customer service, and I am so glad I just happened to utilize a $50 coupon a few days before I lost my points altogether. Most people weren’t that lucky; they just logged into their accounts once the new site appeared and discovered they’d lost most of their rewards. To me that isn’t as bad as the realization that the great customer rewards program they had is gone and has been replaced with one that isn’t even halfway decent compared to what I had access to before. VW never had the best prices, the greatest sales, or the fastest shipping, so the one draw they had to me was the ease with which I could earn a significant reward if I spent my money there instead of elsewhere. Now that this is gone, there’s very little chance I’ll shop there with any frequency.

One thing I did think VW would still do well is sales offers, but I discovered two days ago that they don’t even do that anymore. WowWigs is offering 25% off sitewide for the July 4th holiday, and – which is probably the stingiest company about holding sales events – has 30% off the entire site this weekend. But Vogue isn’t even offering a percentage, just a dollar amount off, and that amount is pretty uninspiring: the most you can possibly get is $50 off the order amount, and you have to order over $250 to get that. When I saw that, I really began to wonder just what is going on over there – either they are struggling to stay afloat and have adjusted their sales and rewards to help them stay in business, or they are making so much money they figure they don’t have to cater to their customer’s budgets anymore and can afford to lose the customers who don’t like their new prices. Vogue Wigs and are the two sites that dominate the online wig business to large degree, so I’m guessing it’s the latter. But it’s possible that with increasing prices and sales regulations they are feeling a pinch. Either way, they could have at least warned their customers about the upcoming changes and provided them an opportunity to use their points before they lost them, but they didn’t, so instead they’ve lost some of us. Moving on.

All the more reason to frequent places like Gallery of Wigs and Name Brand Wigs, who never hold site-wide sales but consistently offer the lowest prices online. At both stores, it’s to your advantage to email or call the store before placing an order, because there are some discounts they are not allowed to advertise on the site as per instructions from those manufacturers, but in the end you will regularly get a good percentage off most of what they offer. I hope that’s OK to say here, since I didn’t mention what the percentage was or anything.

OK, now on to the Brandi review. I’m including an older review I did of Brandi in a custom gray; I apologize for that horrible red background in advance. It’s worth taking a look at it if your eyes don’t bleed too badly. I’ll include the new review of Brandi in Toasted Brown first:

And here’s the Brandi in Midnight Pearl:

7 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Brandi by Amore in Toasted Brown and Midnight Pearl (Custom Color)

  1. Brandi is like the cream of the crop of long wigs. You almost don’t even miss the lace front and because of the double mono it’s great for people who have hair and the teeny tiny lace where it meets the mono is fine I think. Just a great wig, it’s got a ton of hair so if you want to thin it out or put more layers into it you can and still have a ton of hair after. Super pretty

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