Video Wig Review: Simply Flawless by Gabor in GL6-30 (Mahogany)

I’m so bummed! Simply Flawless and Code Mono were the two new wig styles I really was looking forward to trying out this summer – and neither one worked for me. Code Mono was ugly, but Flawless is really pretty – the cap is just too small for me. Boo.

This video is short and not very good, because I knew I was going to return it so i didn’t want to mess with it much, but at least you can get a gander at it before I send it back (with a heavy heart, because it’s lovely). I just think the shortness of the cap would be a problem for me, even if I did get it in a darker color which is what I would need to be able to conceal the rim and the lacefront better.

And for the hell of it, I’ll add this crappy photo that was just a focus shot for the camera, but you can see the full length here at least, since I didn’t quite catch it all in the video. Sorry for the weird sad vampire face I’m pulling.


If anyone from Gabor is reading this, please make Simply Flawless in a true Average size, rather than this Average-Petite business. And while you’re at it, how about some rooted or highlighted colors? Thank you.

Disclaimer: I bought this with my own money and all opinions are mine alone. Your mileage may vary.

23 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Simply Flawless by Gabor in GL6-30 (Mahogany)

  1. Great input – could it be their way of cutting costs by combining cap sizes? Sorry it didn’t work out but so helpful for others to know these issues. Thanks for the time and money you invest. It is appreciated.

    • Could be – I wondered the same thing. So far though, everyone I know who has tried this wig said they didn’t have this problem, so maybe I just got an unusually small one.

    • I agree! I was bummed about two Gabor wigs: Lasting Impression and Soft and Subtle in 10/12 and 8/29SS. I like to wear wig clips instead of using silicone or Velcro wraps. But with this petite/avg wig cap it would I’d have a severe headache using any three of these. I love the thin hair fibers relative to Welch, Renau and more since the it mimicks my own baby-fine hair. 10/12 and 8/29SS colors are beautiful and so close to my natural color. But I would feel more confident wearing them with a darker root. I was told that 8/29SS has a darker root, but it was incredibly hard to see. Please make some updates Gabor. Please!

  2. Another Gabor that’s oddly done which I’ve owned was the Premium Lace Front Wig, even tho I rated it 5 stars on VogueW at the time it’s more like 3stars out of five now. Bad finer and the cap was small.

    • So many people love Premium but I’ve never been able to bring myself to spend that much for it. Although it does look good on a lot of people. Gabor’s fiber isn’t thrilling, I agree, it leans towards dry. More and more I just think I should stick with Rene of Paris, LOL. Oh and I did break down and buy that Brandi for $99!

  3. Have you ever tried the Gabor High Society? If so, did you like it? Wondering how that one looks like on. Shame that this one didn’t fit. It is beautiful. Cheryl

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