Video Wig Review: Robin by Noriko in Chocolate Swirl


Aside from the copious amount of both makeup and Photoshop in the picture above, I’ll also have you know that there’s actually TWO Robins on my head there. I took a photo where the hair fiber was blowing around nicely and layered it over another shot where the hair was just falling forward over my shoulders, and POOF – instant double-Robin fun. And I think I bear (bare?) a slight resemblance to Caitlyn Jenner here too…moving on.

Except…the photography nerd in me can never resist an opportunity to do a little before-and-after-ing, so here are the two shots I layered together to get the one above.


I really wanted to keep my hand from shot #1 because I just liked the way it looked as a pose, but I wasn’t skilled enough to blend the hand and arm with all the little hairs that would have had to layer on top of it. So it had to go. And yes, you can see all the wrinkles and imperfections I edit out of my portraits when processing, but they’re my photos and I do all the work myself so get lost if you don’t like it. I’ve never had any pretense about wearing wigs or getting Botox, and I don’t make excuses for Photoshopping the hell out of myself in my photos. I’m not trying to pretend I really look like that, and besides, editing is hella fun. In fact, I spent longer on that Robin photo than I’ve possibly ever have, just because it worked out so well that I had tons of options, and kept playing around for hours. Okay, NOW we’re moving on.

As I say in the video, I’ve had many a Robin over the years, but this is my first one in a darker, non-rooted color. At first I thought I hated it, but after making this video Friday I kept it on for hours, and also took a lot of portrait photos in it (see above, as if you could miss it). I’m even considering getting some similar highlights in my bio hair, although to do so would break my resolve to stop putting chemicals in it. Perhaps I’ll just stick with the highlighted wigs.

Anyway, Robin may be my new favorite. I wish I’d quit coming up with new favorites every week – each time I decide a wig I just got in is a fave, I immediately want to buy at least one more. And now I want to give Stevie another shot, too. Anyway, here she is:

Disclaimer: I bought this wig with my own money, blah blah blah. You know the drill. 

12 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Robin by Noriko in Chocolate Swirl

  1. Hey – where’s your nail polish – downer! Would you say Stevie and Robin are identical in style, length and cut other than monotop? Many thanks, Deb

  2. So would you say it’s a thinner wig? The colour is lovely though it looks a little lighter for some reason. I had a Jackson in that same colour. Either way I like the wispy bangs and you can where the pin straight hair lucky you lol.

    • It does look lighter than Choco Swirl normally does – I guess it’s all those long layers that really accentuate the highlights. And thank you – THIN is the word I was looking for but couldn’t come up with, LOL. I am surprised by how much I am loving this one. Gotta put a Stevie on my list next to see if I like it better now than I used to.

      • I’ve always been curious about Robin and Stevie. I think cause there so straight but I know straight full on hair looks not the best for me lol.

  3. I don’t see the resemblance between you and Jenner.
    I do like your work on the double photos though.
    And I agree completely with the fact that you can do as you please with your photos and it’s nobody’s business but your own.
    The photo turned out great and the video is also fantastic.

    • Some people on FB said Kate Jackson from Charlie’s Angels. I remember when I was a kid I always got “stuck” playing her character, whatever her name was on the show. I can’t remember…but everyone wanted to be Farrah or Jaclyn Smith!

  4. Kate Jackson was “Sabrina” and I always thought that she was extremely pretty, although Farrah really stole the show.
    Guess it was the hair?
    Even today I would give anything to look like Jaclyn Smith. Ha!

    • Ah yes, Sabrina! And it’s crazy Farrah was only on that show one season but she’s still the one most associated with it. That woman truly was gorgeous. I always loved her smile.

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