Video Wig Reviews: Brandi by Amore and Laine by Rene of Paris in Ginger Brown

Since I’ve reviewed both Brandi and Laine before, I’ll just stick them both together in this post as they are in the same color.

In the Brandi vid, as you can see in the title, I also talk a little about using steam to help style a synthetic – I don’t actually show myself doing it, but I’ll link here to the video I watched from Patti’s Pearls that showed me how to do it. Oh and also – a quick comparison of Toasted vs. Ginger Brown by Amore.

Patti’s vid:

And mine:

Disclaimer: I bought these with my own money and no one paid me to do this review. Opinions are my own; your mileage may vary.

12 thoughts on “Video Wig Reviews: Brandi by Amore and Laine by Rene of Paris in Ginger Brown

  1. Where to begin…Brandi is my all time favorite wig! I have her in many colors and if they would offer her in the rooted blonde, new LR COLORS or contrasted highlight colors I would have a ton more. lol

    Brandi is very thick but I prefer that. I usually have my stylist thin the bangs and around the face but you can slso lift the section of hair at the part on both sides and thin just under so that the hair up next to the part is untouched…this is best if you don’t plan to change the part once you set it.

    I also take a hair dryer with a low heat setting to redirect the from and top of her away from my face and to separate the perfect part it comes with. With so much hair a perfect partitions like a butt ( sperry to be blunt but it’s honest). I usually spritz a little water then alternate with low heat and when it’s getting pretty dry& warm I hit it with the cool shot to lock in the style.

    It’s easier to use the dryer for this than the steamer since it’s smaller and lighter plus you can safely wear th he wig while styling to Se the result while you’re working.

    When th fibers start to get a little fizzled I use the Helen of Troy hot air brush and a spritz of water to gently smooth the fibers but still maintain the natural bend and wave in the style (teh larger barrel works best for this).

    When it starts to get broken on te tips I have my stylist trim about 2 inches since there’s tons of length to work with. I continue this prices of smoothing and trimming until thr fibers are getting noticeably worn. Then I move on the the straight iron.

    This requires some time…about 1-2 hors but it’s totally worth it in the end. I have a wig stand and a canvas block head. I use T pins to pick it down. Its best to pin it somewhere other than the mono top or you’ll have little pin holes in the fabric.

    I start at the nape and pin the hair up in sections the I gently use a fine tooth comb to take small 1 inch section working from the bottom layer o the nape from one side to the other then up to the row of hair above that until I get to the top then I start around the ear tabs from one side up, repeat on the other side an finish on the top at the mono.

    I spritz the entire length of the 1 inch section finely with water and using a synthetic safe setting on my straight iron or at he absolutely lowest heat setting on an adjustable iron (I like the Not your Mothers brand iron for this) I gently stroke down working in long, relatively quick but even strokes. Then comb though and repeat until he hair is smooth, straight, arm & dry. Sometimes as its gettin drier and warmer I take a minute and brush through it gently stroking down the length with a round boar bristle brush. Since the brush teeth are nt metal they help cool the fibers while smoothing and rounding the ends a little. I repeat this until it’s completely dry and smooth. Sometimes you have to move the iron smoother and quicker as the hair gets drier.
    if you spend a touch too much time in one spot and get a kink don’t panic. Just let the fiber cool a minute, gently spritz it with water and go over it again working out the kinks very gently.

    Once the entire wig is smooth, it typically will be very straight but even smoother than when it’s brand new IMO.
    Another tip is to not start straightening with the iron all the way down at the roots for the top at the mono unless you want the top to really lay flat. If its an issue you can try to come back with the dryer on low heat and a round boar bristle brush to work in some bodym also try drying the hair in the opposite direction you want it to lay and let it cool then brush it into place to give lift at the roots.

    Another thing I do is sometimes is to have my stylist add additional layers once its straight to give it more dimension.

    Since I like bangs I usually cut a full bang into the front when I first get her but it may help y o do at least a thinner bang and face framing layers at this point to get rid of some of the damage at the front ad she age. I usually use yhe dryer to redirect the hair down for a fringe bang the once it cut foo it the way I want it to lay and use the small barrel Helen of Troy ot Air Brush to add a little bend to the bangs.

    I’ve noticed the very edge of the hairline begins to look a little rough on mine with age right around my forehead. Once I pull the sides and top down to create the fringe I usually dont have any more damage to he fibers at the bangs and the hairline is smoothed and covered so it takes care of that problem completely. You can even very carefully go over the bangs once they’re cut with the flat iron to smooth them out. You’ll definitely need to do this on a canvas head or it will burn your forehead, which I have done 🙂 afterward, use the hot air brush or a small boar bristle brush with the lower heat on your dryer to round it back out a little.

    The finished result looks more like Carney Wilson’s hair but I personally like the look for me.

    Later on after you’ve worn her a while longer and continued to smooth her out with the iron you’ll need to eventually it into progressively shorter styles such as a mid length bob and eventually even a shorter asymmetrical bob with the longer front and the shorter back which is popular.

    You can also add curl to the fiber using the hot water method and Curlformers. Id do thid when its longer or mid length so you can also use the hot water to remove the curl to cut it shorter later on, but you can try different things to see what you like.

    As long as you take good care of her, you’re gentle and use the proper tools & products *my favs are Jon Renau care products) then she is a wonderful investment.

    She’s also one of the least expensive wigs you can find with her length and features like the double mono.

    She is only $130 @ Name Brand Wigs ever day, but if you call Wilshire Wigs CS and ask them to price match then you get 50% off the difference.

    I know this works for Rene of Paris, Noriko, Amore & Revlon wigs. You’d have to ask about other brands and competitors but I’ve used their 150% price match myself for these.

    The way it works would be as follows:
    Brandi @ Wilshire is almost $180 so the difference from NBW @ $130 is $50. They take half of the $50, so on Brandi it’s $25 off the lowest price. That’s $25 off NBW price of $130. You would only pay $105 for a brand new Brandi in whatever color is still currently produced by the Manufacturer.

    There are a few stipulations on the price match but nothing major such as the competitor site has to carry the same color in stock, etc.

    Wilshire also offers refunds & exchanges for price matched items. If you try one and don’t like it the you pay to mail it back within the set time frame and either pay a restocking fee (I think it’s 15-20% but not sure) for a refund or you can pick a different style, color, manufacturer or whatever you want with no fee other than the price difference, if any and the shipping on the new item. Their shopping is only around $6-7.00 so it’s not bad. I’m not sure, but you might even be able to get your exchange wig price matched if applicable. I know the price match is good on the exchange if you just change colors.

    If in doubt just call them with any questions, they’re very helpful but I never get a response if I emailed so just call instead.

    Not sure, but tgey might even offer a color ring loan program to help anyone who might need help choosing a color. I’d call to confirm & get details if interested.

    Sorry this is soo lobg, but maybe it will help someone 🙂

    Like I said in the beginning, I love Brandi!

    • This is great! Can I make it a blog post? I can credit you and put a link to a channel, blog, or page if you have one.

      I didn’t know that about Wilshire – that’s great info! Also – I really want to try a hot air brush but aren’t they all round brushes? Because I cannot use a round brush for the LIFE of me. I have never been able to use them!

      I agree Brandi needs to some livelier colors – I’d love to see some rooted colors with her, not sure why they can’t add a few. They added the LR colors to Angelica so surely it could be done…of course you can always place a custom order but you’;d need to buy 3 at once and they’d be a little more expensive.

  2. One last tip I thought of. I’m very hot natured but still like to wear my Brandi when I go out and about in the Summer so I use a natural food grade antibacterial spray by Envy to keep my wig cap sanitized, fresh & prevent washing it as often during the warm weather. Or, year round if you’re hot natured like I am.

    It’s called Envy Wig Detox and you can get it for $15.99 from or other online retailers. The bottle isn’t huge but it only takes a little.

    I usually take my wig off and spray the nape with a little Jon Renau entangled and gently rub it into the fibers at the nape with my hands. Then I hold the wig upside down by the tag and spritz the detox spray all around the inside of the cap. I just sit it inside out on top of my styrofoam wig head and let it air dry a while.

    The detox spray has a kind of strong smell…kinda similar to vinegar so I let it dry completely before I gently detangler and comb it before storing her. Once it’s dry the smell dissipates and there is no odor leftover.

    After I carefully detangle her and comb her out i finish with a little mist of Jon Renau wig conditioner, especially around the face, the nape and the ends gently working it in to the fibers with my hands and leave it again to air dry on the styrofoam head since I like to store my wuick & easy go to wigs on a stand with an inexpensive large silk scarf (mine are 35-35″ since most of my wigs are long). This way the moisture on rhe wig doesn’t stain the silk.

    Hope this also helps!

  3. Hi Cynthia

    You can definitely use the post as a blog. I don’t have a channel or anything so feel free to take the credit 🙂

    I enjoy wearing wigs for medical reasons and try to help other wig wearers when I can just like you & all the other bloggers, video reviewers, etc have helped me so much.

    I don’t think theu Helen of Troy Hot Air Brushes come in a different shape but there might be other brands that do?

    Godiva’s Secret Wigs has a video on YouTube showing how they use it but you can purchase the brushes a lot of other places. I bought both my large & small barrel brush from Amazon for somewhere around $20 each. I like them better than some other brands b/c the barrel is a hard plastic and doesn’t get as hot as a metal which would melt synthetic fiber.

    They do make a higher powered model, which I think they refer to as the professional model or something that has a metal barrel so just read the details before purchasing to make sure it’s plastic if that’s what you’re looking for.

    They definitely need to offer Brandi in some new colors. I’d forgotten they went back to add some for Angelica, so they should follow suit with Brandi.

    Any info you could share on placing an order for a custom color would be awesome! Such as where to order, the minimum, how much extra the price is (if you happen to know) how long it takes to receive the order. That might be something I’d consider in the future if at all reasonable.

    Thanks so much!

    • Check out the second video at this link – I’m discussing a custom Brandi I ordered a few years ago. I don’t recall the cost of it but I’m sure I mention it in the vid. I ordered from Kathy at Gallery of Wigs and it was quite easy – she made all the arrangements and I paid her directly. I believe Brandi was around $198 per wig and I ordered three (went in with a friend who also wanted to try it); it takes awhile to get them, about three months, and we paid half down upfront and the balance when they were done. Also – no returns on custom orders so keep that in mind. Anyway, I think you can do any color you want in custom colors…the mind boggles doesn’t it?!

  4. I remember this video when you were on Real Life Wigs!

    You did mention it was around $200 each with a minimum of 3. I’ve paid around that price for several wigs that I don’t like near as much so it’s something I’ll have to keep in mind and save up.

    I love my Shilo in Nutmeg F (rooted) I just wish she would last so it’s worth the $. I get tons of compliments on the color, which is one of the only light Blonde colors I can pull off with my fair complexion.

    If I had a Brandi in Nutmeg F it would be the Creme de la Creme!

    I recently bought the new Madelyn style in Sugar Cane R but the color was just a little too light for me so I have to sell her. The bangs are really thick but after my stylist thinner and trimmed them it was really cute.

    The part down the middle threw me off at first and I tried to move it to the side but it just doesn’t like to do that. After keeping her on for a little while to trim tge bangs I was comfortable with the center part especially after taking out some of the volume in the bangs. It almost looked like that shaggy breed dog thst has hair
    over their eyes, but not in an awful way.

    Long story short, it’s better to find a style wig that works for you the way it comes if possible rather than trying to make it fo something else (within reason). Good thing the Madelyn did suit me after giving it a little more time, but definitely need to get the right color!

    • That is so true. It’s how I feel about my photos too. Better to get as much right as possible in the actual shot and not have as much to fix later! But sometimes it happens, and I am not one to do returns. i either sell or try to make it work. Returns to me are just a pain!

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