Video Wig Review: Camille by TressAllure in English Tea H/L (Shilo by Noriko in Java Frost)

I think we’ve discussed the weird history of TressAllure/La Vie/Noriko before, plus I talk about it again in the vid, so I won’t get into all that here. But – one nice thing about the TressAllure versions of Noriko wigs is that a few have added lace fronts, and Camille is one of those. There’s also a non-lacefront version TA offers, but the odd thing is that the lacefront costs a whopping $1 more than the non-LF. So yeah, I got the lace front version.

Video nerd alert: I have over the years become quite picky about what I will wear in these videos. I like something that isn’t flashy so as not to detract from the wig, and I much prefer longer sleeves and a higher neckline – I just think it looks more professional, but also, I am middle-aged and have sun damage that’s really starting to show, and my neck and chest area just look better covered. It’s not like I walk around in turtlenecks every day, for my daily life I am fine with how everything looks and I don’t worry about it; but for videos I like to make myself as presentable as I can, so a higher neckline and longer sleeves are more appealing in my opinion.

It was pointed out to me back in the day (actually by someone who was being mean to me, but when I thought about it later, he did have a point even though he was a real ass about how he said it) that my tank tops and/or camisole tops really weren’t that flattering, and at the time I thought he was talking more about my photos than my videos, but I think he actually was referring to my vids. And when I look back at them, I have to agree. I won’t get into why because I know a lot of people wear them and aren’t as picky as I am, but I do think it looks a little sloppy, especially when all people can see is my shoulders. It could be the cutest tank top in the world, but if all you can see are the straps it just looks like I’ve been out working in the yard and decided to stop and make a video before getting back to the hedge-trimming. Anyway.

Because I’m picky about what I wear, and I actually have a lot less items that meet my requirements than you might think (plus I have makeup on my neck and chest when I film which limits me somewhat as I’m often not willing to put on my nicer shirts and risk getting makeup on them – even though the makeup is Dermablend, there’s still a possibility of it staining something) I run out of things fairly quickly that I haven’t worn over and over. So yesterday when I decided to make these vids, I was looking for something that met the requirements and that I had not yet worn, and I landed on this long brown caftan with flowy sleeves that I snagged for a steal recently; the sleeves were pretty short, shorter than my usual requirement, but I thought the flowiness would at least be interesting. Except. When I was editing the videos I realized that every time I lifted my arms, you could see lots of white chalky deodorant that I’d just applied before filming. Lovely! Argh! See why I stick with high necks and longer sleeves? I try to deviate just once and the world sees my Secret. Ah well. I tried to edit out the bits where my armpits are showing as best as I could, then marked “short flowy sleeves” off my ever-decreasing list of Tops That Are Acceptable For Filming. Moving on.

Here’s Camille – chalky armpits and all!

Disclaimer: This item was purchased by me and no one paid me to do this review. Opinions are my own, your mileage may vary. 

35 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Camille by TressAllure in English Tea H/L (Shilo by Noriko in Java Frost)

  1. Didn’t notice your “Secret” at all! 😉 Love your nails though! I thought your top was really cute other than the wig color blended in with it a bit but no biggie. LOL If people are going to overanalyze your videos I would tell them to “Get a life!” Love your reviews…have two wigs on ebay this week! Thanks for the tips!

  2. I love the Shilo wig but the fiber just doesn’t seem to last anywhere as long as my Amore like Brandi. I’ve had to cut a lot of hair due to the frizzing off Shilo and she’s only 3 months old (I’m at home so I get a lot of use out of my wigs). I’ve worn Brandi for 9months or more and never cut that much off.
    Plus I don’t understand paying thec same pricefor something with a single mono vs the Amore with the super comfy double.

    I’m thinking I may look into ordering Brandi in a custom color to get her in a rooted Blonde. Would be worth a little more money to me.

    Thanks forcthe review. …love the color and the shirt. Screw the haters!

    • Maybe because it’s much thinner around the ends due to all the layers? It does frizz out pretty quickly. And I have ALWAYS wondered why Shilo is more expensive than Brandi! I think it’s possible that it came out after Brandi, when their prices had already gone up in general. I just got in a Kenzie by Noriko, and it’s way costlier than Samantha by Amore, to which it’s similar, even though it’s single mono. In that case it’s definitely because it came out recently under a higher pricing structure. So maybe that happened with Shilo too.

  3. Hi ,
    I’m new to the wig scene (recently diagnosed with alopecia) I started with an HH topper but now looking into wigs as the clips aren’t comfortable. I have 2 wigs- both lace fronts. One has a mono top, the other doesn’t. Both are scratchy on me. I was recently told by Kathy of Gallery of Wigs that the TressAllure brand makes double mono tops. I am looking into the Chanelle. Have you tried it yet? I think it resembles this one & even Jackson aka Avery (if it was cut) Is this one, Camille, comfortable with the single mono top? I still have hair but it’s quite sparse on top 😦 Thanks for the reviews! You have helped me immensely!!!! 🙂 Btw, I really do like this one on you! The highlights aren’t super obvious but their is a beauty in its subtly too ;).

    • Hi there, and sorry for what you’re going through – but you can and will learn how to handle it!

      I’m 99% sure the Chanelle is simply a non-lacefront version of the Camille you see here. As far as TressAllure double monotops, I am making a guess here while looking at the TA line and seeing ones that look similar to Amores: I think Olivia would be one as it looks like a Miranda. And Maxine looks like Tatum, so that one probably is also. That’s all I can see for sure, but you can go to the TressAllure website and although it’s a navigational disaster, it does list each wig and what the features are, so you could find out for sure there.

      I also always found clips uncomfortable and they even felt insecure on my head; wigs were/are always a better option on me.

      Thanks for stopping by, hope this helps!

      • Thanks so much! I really appreciate your suggestions & encouragement! I know I’ll get through this but it’s difficult because I feel so alone. My husband has said he doesn’t want to see any of my wigs & that they need to be the same style & color as my bio hair because he doesn’t want to know I’m wearing wigs, doesn’t want to think of me as going bald 😦 I have 2 uncomfortable wigs which will probably be used for Halloween or short jaunts to shop etc. The topper I can only wear short times too. Then, I’ve decided I’m getting 2 wigs.. He will just have to get used to seeing heads with wigs on them lol 😉 I’ve decided to go with Amore because ManeTopic said how comfortable they are. I like Samantha and Chanelle. I may get Tatum in the future as I think it would be fun to have bangs again. I’m 42 & haven’t had bangs since I was in my 20’s. I’m debating between the color you have English Tea HL or Cola Swirl. Dark Amber HL looks nice too. I color my grey bio hair with a 4N mixed with 1/4 of 4R & my hair has tons of grey so it looks probably similar to Ginger Brown but I’ve had it quite dark in the past too. I’m an artist so I don’t think anyone will think much of me changing hair color. But then, do I get them in the same color or go for variety? Oh the choices 😉

        • Choices you definitely have. That’s too bad your husband isn’t more accepting right now, but people change and he may come around. Especially once he sees how great the wigs look! Finding one exactly like your bio hair isn’t really possible any way, I mean they will all be a little different.

          Cola Swirl is like Chocolate Swirl by Noriko, which I like better, but it’s darker. And I always find that as long as I stay fairly close to the same color, I can change it up a bit and people don’t notice.

    • Hey Julie

      I haven’t personally tried it yet but a lot of people love the Milano wig grip. I’m hot natured so I’ll probably try it in cooler weather to see if it will allow me to wear lace fronts (not sure
      if it will show through yet).

      I have an ultra sensitive scalp & prone to breakouts, so I feel you on this. I wear my double mono Amore wigs with no cap and love them.

      I’ve also seen the Headline it wig liners which may help & keep you cooler/fresher in hot weather. You could wear a wig cap but they make me hot and feel tight even though I have a kinda small head.

      I was thinking about trying the Chanelle in the future so I hope it’s nice. Check the prices at Name Brand Wigs or Gallery of wigs, they’re good sites and great prices. NBW has Chanelle for $188 no tax. I like Gallery of wigs alos. I’m in TN so not sure if you will have tax but Gallery of wigs does for me so it’s a little higher.

      If you can’t find the info on the mono, you can always email the ladies at NBW. They’re extremely mice and get back with you super fast.

      Hope this helps!

      • Thanks so much for the suggestion! I have heard about the wig grip but I’m hot by nature too so I wasn’t sure if it would be something I could use. I can’t wear the wig caps either, for the same reason 😦 My dad suggested I take a wig cap & sew it under the scratchy parts. I may try that on my other wigs just to experiment.

        So glad to hear you like the Amore! I’ve decided to go with them based on your suggestion 🙂 I want something comfortable! You’ve been a huge help!!!

        I’m going to get the Chanelle & Samantha for sure. Maybe the Tatum in the future. Though it’s tempting as Gallery of Wigs has it for $120 right now. Not sure if that is a sale price and if so, how long the sale is. I will let you know what I think of the Chanelle when I get it. I don’t have a blog up yet but I may start one for the heck of it. 🙂

  4. After re watching this video, I would love this wig. The fibers are lovely as Noriko fibers move just like human hair and the Colors are better than JR.

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  6. Seeing that all the comments are from 2015, but I just saw this particular review. You did a more recent review on Camille in Mocha Gold. I ordered this girl in the same color (English Tea HL). I’m sure I will be very pleased with it. I’m not much on huge contrasts between base and highlight colors. I prefer a more subtle contrast so this one should be great for me. Picked it up from Wilshire Wigs for $138.00 (they’re giving a 30% discount for Labor Day). Looking forward to getting it.

    Have a relaxing and safe Labor Day!

          • Just wanted to update: I just got my Camille (English Tea) in today and I have to say it is a-freakin-mazing! This is the very first wig I have been able to deal with right out of the box. Usually I have to sit them out on a mannequin head for a couple of weeks and let them relax. The front is always my problem area and it seems like everything just wants to flop in my face. This one is great! The lace front on this Camille is incredible and the mono top is more than I was expecting, much more. Compared to the 2 Edens (Estetica) that I have that both look like they can use a topper because they look sparse in areas of the mono top, this Camille is far superior. And even though there is no permatease on Camille, it isn’t so flat to the head. Even though I love my Edens, I wish I’d have seen this review before investing in them because I’m sure I would have passed them over for Camille. The Camille cap is just a bit tighter than the Esteticas but hopefully it will stretch out a bit after wearing a few times. I’m so excited about Camille and can’t wait to see how she lasts.

          • Yeah I feel like most of us forget about the TressAllure line when it’s got all the Norikos styles (the older ones anyway) with added features! I am glad you like it! 🙂

  7. Hi, I just watched your review. Gorgeous wig! I just wanted to say thay the reason I believe tressallure cost more than the noriko Shilo and other norikos that are similar is that they are not a permatease cap, so these are not a ” high fashion” wig like the norikos. I know since I have little to no hair I would pay more to have the realistic look and I hate all the “poof” from permatease since I have a tiny face. Also, Chanelle is a double mono (with no lace front) and Camille is a single mono (but has a lace front). So the dollar differenece in price is actually due to a big difference in how the caps were constructed between the two. I personally love double mono since I hate wearing a wig cap and I think the hair line looks a little more realistic with the double mono. (just my opinion). Great review and love the quality of the vidoes you have!

  8. Cynthia, I just have to post this on my Camille. I wore it to work today (first time ever that I’ve worn a wig the day after receiving it). We own a small printing company and one of our neighbors is a larger hair salon (8 or 9 stylists). Two of the stylists ordered business cards from us and I went next door to deliver them and get payment. Now, I don’t often see any of these ladies, usually just briefly in the back parking lot if one of them happens to be leaving at the same time as I do, and it’s always at a pretty good distance away, so they really didn’t have any reason to think that I had a wig on. My bio hair is long (not as long as Camille) and dark and so is this Camille. While waiting for one of them to write out a check, she made a comment about how long my hair had gotten and that the color and cut was pretty. I started to feel a little uneasy because I knew what the next comment/question would be, and sure enough…Who did it for you? Cringe….so rather than risk hurting her feelings by letting her believe that I went to another stylist, I told her the truth…It’s a wig. OMG, she just shouted, ARE YOU KIDDING ME! ARE YOU SERIOUS! So naturally, most of them had to come on over and inspect my hair. They were all absolutely floored by how real this baby looks. I guess that’s the ultimate compliment when you can fool a hair stylist. #FeelingAwesomeInMyCamille.

    • I’ve found that a lot of hairstylists know almost nothing about wigs, OR hair loss. Certainly not true of all of them, but more than you might think! Glad it is going so well with Camille!

  9. I am new to your site and I am hooked on your wonderful reviews and your lovely personality! Thank you so much for doing this, it is so helpful! Up until this point, I’d only really been watching video reviews by two gals (I won’t name them) and while they are very sweet, I am just never sure exactly what to believe because they are wig sellers, and obviously it is to their benefit to make every wig sound AMAZING! I love your honesty.

    This wig is beautiful. I have only owned two wigs. My very first one is the Jon Renau Heidi. I loved the style but it got so gnarly so fast. Part of it may have been my inexperience in wig handling but still… for the price I don’t think it should have pooped out on me so fast! The second wig I purchased was a SUPER cheap wig from Sepia and I was shocked how much I liked the hair fibers better than the ultra expensive JR brand! That said, the wig was very cheap and in a mild breeze you can see all of the tracks which makes me uber uncomfortable.

    So now I am on the hunt for a new wig and I think I’d like something long, as my bio hair, which has all fallen out for the most part, sadly, was always worn long. This Camille wig is so pretty! I have a couple of questions for you. I have heard that longer wigs wear out much faster. How long would you estimate I could get away with this wig with daily wear? Also, how well would you say the back is done over the wefting? I am so traumatized by this cheap Sepia wig that I want to make sure I don’t end up in that situation again. To JR’s credit, the hair density on Heidi is great and the wefts are not visible.

    Thank you so much. This was a darn long comment. Cheers!

    • Hi and thanks for stopping by. 🙂

      First off, I think when it comes to people’s opinions on wigs I always take the opinion part with a grain of salt whether the reviewer sells them or not, because what one person loves another will hate. I ignore the opinions entirely and just focus on how the wigs looks and whether or not I am willing to risk trying it. So I’d say don’t trust my opinion more than anyone else, LOL. 😉

      As far as how long this wig or any would last, I hate to be vague but that also depends on the wearer, and how much care you give it, and when you personally feel like a wig is ‘done.’ Now, that said – I have been saying for awhile now that if I had to wear wigs full-time, I would wear short ones, even though I love long hair. That’s because a long synthetic simply does not last very long, period. The hair fibers rubbing against your skin and clothing break it down and they dry out and frizz. I know women who can get three months out of a long synthetic with a lot of work, but honestly I don’t know what all that ‘work’ entails. However, if you Google you can find some videos on how to care for longer synthetics. In my honest opinion a long synthetic isn’t worth the cost unless I can find them fairly cheap; when short synthetics can last six months or so and are generally cheaper it would be my best solution if I had to wear wigs. Now, when I did wear long synthetics full-time, what I did was buy at least two of any long wig I wanted to wear regularly so I could interchange them. But that can get as pricey as buying one human hair wig, in the end.

      Many people who want long wigs end up going with human hair, which I don’t know much about. I think on the wearing-end, they are a much better alternative for long hair, but the buying-end of things is a real pain. So that’s the trade off.

      I think that different brands may use different types of synthetic fiber, but in the end they all last about the same amount of time; the higher-end ones do have much better caps and wefting (as you have discovered with the Sepia) and look more realistic. The issue of wefts showing or the wig being too thin generally doesn’t happen with the higher-priced wigs, but unfortunately the shelf life is about the same.

      Wish I had better news, but again, this is just my opinion! I think if you search around you can find tips for making long synthetics last longer. But I’d say six months would be the absolute MOST you could get out of one. Good luck!

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