Video Wig Review: Kenzie by Noriko in Almond Rocka-R

Kenzie is a pretty wig, but as I say about 1,000 times in the video, she is way too much hair for me. It looks so lovely on Christine at BlondieLocks and Wiggin’ Out (don’t know her real name) and Lauren at Corner of Hope and Mane, that I thought I could pull it off, too. But alas, much too thick for my head. Still, it’s a pretty wig – for a better idea of how it looks on the right person, check out some of those links and take my video with a grain of salt, I guess. Or talcum powder, to reduce shine.

And yes, I do look like Pam Dawber in this wig! I Googled her after I made it just to be sure I was right, and well…

Yep. Nailed it. And RIP, Mork from Ork…

Oh, and here’s my comparison of the Almond Rocka on my Misha to the Almond Rocka-R on Kenzie. I do think Misha had more red.



Disclaimer: I bought this item with my own money and no one paid me to do this review. Opinions are my own; your mileage may vary. 

12 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Kenzie by Noriko in Almond Rocka-R

  1. I’m so glad I decided to order the Samantha wig by Amore & not this one. I liked it so much in BlondieLocks’ video but she must’ve had to thin it way more than I’d want to bother with, judging by how it looks on you. Also, I think it would be more flattering if it had more layers. I like a side part like you do. I really love this color on you! Really pretty!

  2. I agree, it is a bit much, but the color does look good on you.
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I wish I could wear long hair. Unfortunately, long hair makes me look like a horse. Oh well.

  3. Pretty color on you Cynthia! I would have to thin it out a ton to make it believable on me. No go…Hey are you saying that Mindy wore a wig in that show? I always thought she had the MOST gorgeous hair ever! Gotta love wigs!

  4. I love the shape of the hair with the shape of your glasses… doesn’t look school-marmish to me! Maybe because hipsters are bringing the school-marm style back. 😀 Just as long as it’s ironic… hahaha.

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