Video Wig Review: Code Mono by Ellen Wille in Hot Mocca Rooted (re-review)

About a month ago I reviewed Code Mono and basically hated it. However, a few days after I made the review I decided to see if I couldn’t steam the kink out of the bangs, since I’d already messed with the wig so much I knew I couldn’t return it. I followed a tutorial I found online from Patti at Patti’s Pearls, and managed  to do a decent job – then I got carried away and tried to trim the bangs as well, which promptly screwed it up again. So, off Code Mono went to California, where a friend of mine streamed, rolled, and trimmed her up to try and make her presentable again.

Photo Jul 08, 10 40 50 PM

I got the wig back a little over a week ago, but did not have time to review her right away; overall I was thrilled with how much better she looked (at least in my opinion, some of you didn’t think it looked bad at all before the re-style, but I hated it). I asked my friend exactly what she did, and here it is in her words:  “I steamed it slightly again to redirect the nylon fiber and then used large plastic curlers to set it overnight. I over directed the curlers as not to give volume but to curve and smooth the ends.” I think it may have gotten a little over-steamed, because I went a little crazy with it when I was trying to get some better movement out of it the first time, but at least I feel it’s more wearable now and my friend did a great job fixing my mistakes and giving the wig more life. Here’s a before and after, taken from each video:


And now, here’s the new video (the old one is linked above). That terribly annoying strand of hair that’s handing into my eyes DOES go away at some point, I promise, and I was trying out a new backdrop here that may or may not have been the best decision for wig videos. I like that the black conceals any graininess the video might have better than the gray, and I think it’s a bit more flattering and professional-looking, but I don’t think it’s as easy to see the full effect if the wig against the black. Let me know which you like better – white is also an option, but it’s not a true white and I thought it looked a little dingy.

Disclaimer: The item was purchased by me and no one paid me to do this review. Opinions are my own; your mileage may vary. 

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