Video Wig Review: Seville by Noriko in Macadamia-LR

So, this is happening:


Anyway, I like this Seville, but not as much as I thought I would. I just haven’t been able to get into wigs from any other line lately; so this was at the end of my ROP/Noriko/Amore buying craze of the summer. It would be great if they came out with new styles this fall, but I doubt they will, since they just released some new ROPs back in the spring. I predict some overpriced Jon Renaus, some uninspiring Esteticas, and some boring Eva Gabors will be released soon. Oh, and some expensive but wonky Ellen Willes, too. AND a new celebrity line made up of all heat-stylable synthetics. Have I missed anything?

14 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Seville by Noriko in Macadamia-LR

  1. My new favorite wig has been the Amore Madelyn. It’s still from ROP but not so surprisingly it’s really beautiful. Have you thought about trying it? I’ve tried Sugar Cane R, Macadamia LR & BanAna Split LR which are all lovely. Later on I’m planning to get Crimson LR & Coffee Latte for late Fall & Winter.

      • There are a few videos out now on Youtubeabout her from Blondielocks and Abby(Abbey?) Andrews. BTW, I b err live the new wigs Lana was referring to, the Melange line by Amore, are as lready out at Vogue Wigs & Cysterwigs. There’s the short style, Kimmie & the long style, Juliette. I’m not sure if the topper is out.

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