Video Wig Review: Hailey by Noriko in Chocolate Frost-R

Hailey is not a great wig on me; ultimately it’s too poufy, like Jackson. And I’ve tried to wear Chocolate Frost a few times, but it’s not great on me either. So overall, this wig on me is a bit of a “meh,” but here it is anyway:

11 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Hailey by Noriko in Chocolate Frost-R

  1. Beautiful on you, Cynthia! I love the color in this one. Sometimes Chocolate Frost looks too blonde for me. This is nicely dispersed throughout & still has some lovely dark tones. I wish this was a mono top. Not sure if I’ll ever take the leap and try a basic cap. Great video!

    • Yeah Choco Frost is a tough one for me. I tried a Stevie in it recently and ugh – NOT good. The blonde is too ashy I think. If you try a basic cap, start with a cheap one like from the Rene of Paris line, then you can know without spending too much what you think. i do not mind a non-mono cap and it does save money, but it’s kind of a love it or hate it sort of thing.

  2. Hello-I think the color is nice on you but the wig design is not. This wig has way too much hair and it has too much Permatease as well. I like the angle of the cut or trim but I agree with you on your comment.

    • Yeah I agree; it’s just too much hair for me. I don’t mind PT if it’s placed right for my head – if it’s JUST at the crown it’s OK but when it’s all over making the hair have a rounded shape, ew. Not good on me at all.

  3. It’s funny this colour on some wigs the blonde is subtle and in others like Stevie it’s very noticible, great cut as always and it’s basically a longer version of May.

  4. Did you try Haute by Renau? Do you have a review on it, if so? What did you think of the HD fibers, especially how well they wear? I think the Haute style would look beautiful on you, too. Cheryl

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