Video Wig Review: Tiffani by Estetica in R32F

Hi all – I haven’t posted a wig video in the longest time (or at least it feels that way), so here’s a quick one for ya. I wish I had time to make wig reviews, though – because Noriko is coming out with some LOVELIES soon. In fact – Name Brand Wigs already has them up for sale; if you want to check ’em out, go here. There’s this gorgeous new rooted silver color called Illumina-R that is TO DIE FOR, and another LR color called Marble Brown LR. I put both Tessa and Janelle into a cart over there to see the real prices, and they were significantly less than what is listed. I am going to resist buying any for now, because I’ve no time to film videos and I always really want to film wigs when I get them in, so I’ll just feel frustrated and guilty that I can’t do it if I buy any right now.

That said, here’s one I’m  not sure Estetica even makes anymore, but Tiffani is pretty either way.

11 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Tiffani by Estetica in R32F

  1. Thank you so much for the heads up. I hadn’t even seen these! I love the new longer styles & colors! I literally just got thru telling someone how Marble Brown is such an underrated color. Now there’s an LR of it 🙂 I’m totally gonna have to give Noriko another chance with the Janelle & Tessa styles. After my let down with Shilo I didn’t think I’d do another Noriko but this has me hooked. I’ve never tried a gray color but since it’s a new trend I think I just might. We’ll see!

    • I haven’t, I don’t think.They come out with new styles fairly often, but they discontinue things quickly, too. I guess it’s about time for the new fall styles to start showing up!

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