Video Wig Review: Embrace by Raquel Welch in Color RL33-35

Still super-busy; the pool isn’t done yet, but it’s getting closer:


As you can see, the deck has been poured, and the backyard has been cleared of all the piles of garbage that had collected over the weeks of construction. Our landscaping is a total mess because we’ve had no opportunity to take care of it in almost two months, and there’s just dirt left where our big wooden deck used to be. So, lots of work to do there. But as far as the pool goes, all we need to do now is pour the plaster in the pool and fill it with water; that was slated to happen on Tuesday but may get pushed back now that a storm front has moved into the city and may drench us with rain over the next several days. We’ll see. But at least the mud is gone and we can actually walk into the backyard again. Moving on.

Work is busy and I’ve had little time for photos, but I’ve been processing older stuff as well as my flower and plane photos I took several weeks ago. But, I’ll share those in another post and upload a wig video for now.

Lots of fall styles coming out lately – I already mentioned Noriko, but now Renau’s come out with their fall line also, as well as Envy and Raquel Welch. I’m still not buying any of them; I will probably try one of the new Norikos eventually, but although I’d love to try a few of those new Renau styles I’m still totally irritated by the dramatic increase in their pricing and am unwilling to support it. So, you probably won’t see any of those reviewed here unless find something on a good sale. Plus, there’s some new clothing designers I’m currently obsessed with, so that’s taking precedence over wigs right now…but more about that later.

For now, let’s check out another oldie: Embrace by Raquel Welch. It’s the dreaded HD fiber, but it’s still a pretty wig that can be had for a nice price. Great color, too!

9 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Embrace by Raquel Welch in Color RL33-35

  1. Love the color of this! It is stunning. I know what you mean about the new Renau styles. A couple of them are so cute but are also crazy expensive! That part is really, really aggravating, I mean it is only synthetic hair after all — frustrating for sure. Cheryl

    • I know that is what makes me crazy! There simply is NOT a synthetic on the market that’s gonna last more than a few months if it’s long enough to rub against the skin, really anything longer than chin-length is going to wear out quickly. And they’re charging over $400 retail for a wig that just two years ago would have cost less than $300! I get that costs rise on their end too, but they can at least make every single wig flawless for that sorta scratch, and they don’t. Their lacefronts are still very hit or miss. If I had to wear hair full-time, I’d almost HAVE to switch to HH if I had to spend $400 for a long wig. Well more likely what I would do is just by short ones and say to hell with worrying about monofilament top (I don’t really worry about them anyway, but they are nice).

    • Actually I’ve had very little – as much as I love clothes and makeup, I am a complete LOSER when it comes to decor. No skill for it, and very little care about it. I’ll basically sit on anything and live anywhere – I pay very little attention to surroundings. Maybe that’s why I never use setting in my photos and I prefer to take my pics against a plain backdrop!

  2. Pool area is looking good finally yay. Cute wig style I forgot about it lol. Synthetic wigs should. It be so expensive unless they have real gold strands through out lol

  3. I like the wig on you, and I like your videos. I’m obsessive about wigs, so I love finding new reviewers. Patti on Patti’s Pearls has an excellent YouTube video giving instructions how to manipulate that bang with the heat of your fingers to make it stay put better, and out of your eyes. Thanks again. I’m trying to let my hair and wallet recover from so much coloring and cutting. Wigs are fun. I like seeing the colors on you. Helps when buying online. Jeanelle

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