Video Wig Review: Colette by Jon Renau in Colors 4-33 and 130-131

I wonder if anyone’s at all interested in older wigs with all the new fall styles that have come out recently…if not, oh well, since I’ve not bought anything since school started.

Collette is a very cute wig even if it isn’t new; it has a strange, zip-zag part which I guess was a “thing” back when this style came out, but you can’t really tell since the hair fiber is a little thick and the zig-zagginess really doesn’t show. But the part is a monofilament one and looks realistic, and overall I think this style is quite convincing as one’s real hair. Colette has been discontinued but it can still be found online; most of the places I found it had it on clearance for about $150. I had her in two colors, obviously, so I’m showing both of them together here.

3 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Colette by Jon Renau in Colors 4-33 and 130-131

  1. You could easily switch them out for other wigs that are not mono part like sister wigs like Patty has said in her videos, swopping out for other similar wig styles

  2. Thanks for showing Colette. I bought it without seeing this review but I am happy with it. Mine is highlighted in such a way that it looks really piecey (6F27). I don’t even use the mono part because the dark and light colors of the wig are also in the cap, so the part looks very funny in a streaked color. I was sorry to see the style go away but Diane, a spring 2016 model, looks similar. It’s hand-tied. I am going to spring for it.

    • Yes I am interested in that Dianne too – but I am not sure i am willing to pay for the hand-tied option! We’ll see. It was the most interesting one of the new styles IMHO

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