That title doesn’t mean anything, really; Halloween for me was not particularly strange, but I didn’t just want to title it “Halloween” so, there you go.


People at school always expect me to go full-on Heidi Klum for my costume, but as I always tell them, there’s no way I’m getting at 4:30 AM so I have time to apply the sort of makeup that takes me hours to do. Plus, it’s really in editing that I make my makeup look amazing; my application skills are mediocre at best and require a lot of processing for me to perfect.


Besides, I have actual co-workers this year, and I didn’t want to leave them out of any costume idea I might have had in mind. I was clicking around on Amazon looking at costumes when I came across these fake mounted-animal hoods, and they seemed easy enough to wear and pull together. They had some other nice ones – a mounted bass, a moose, etc. but these are the ones we went with. During the passing periods between classes, we would all go stand up against the wall in the hallway outside our room, trying to look like wall trophies. It took kids awhile to catch on, but if they stared at us long enough it eventually made sense.


For the actual day, I didn’t do anything unusual. No one trick-or-treats on our street anymore; the traffic had been dying down for years and then last year, we didn’t get one visitor the entire night, so I didn’t expect any this year either. There is a lot that goes on at the other end of our neighborhood, closer to where the main entrance to the area is located, with the golf course entrance and club house, but since we’re tucked into the back side I guess people no longer come this far. Plus, our front porch light hasn’t worked in forever, and we never decorate our yard, so we probably just look like people who wouldn’t have anything to hand out anyway and people move on.


Kids can dress up in costume at our school, so I was sure to bring my camera (I took the smaller Canon SL1 and used my 50mm lens) and get as many shots as possible. Lots of the usual stuff – princesses, devils, witches – but some creative stuff too. The senior dude dressed up head-to-toe in the girls’ uniform (in the photo below) was probably my favorite. He even got the kneesocks right:


Also those boys with the instruments were part of a mariachi band that serenaded the students at lunch. It was a fun day, if not a little annoying due to the students’ lack of focus. Hard to concentrate with so many superheroes and ghouls trolling around the school!

I have yet to share any of my shots from this year’s Wings Over Houston event, and I finally finished editing more Oh My Gauze clothing shots, so those posts should be coming along soon. Happy November to everyone – I can’t believe it’s already time for Thanksgiving!

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