Video Wig Review: Alia by Jon Renau in Color 6

Remember when I used to upload wig reviews here all the time? Yeah, neither do I. School started and I completely forgot about all my old vids I still intended to upload, not to mention having little to no time to make new ones. Plus, I had to stop buying them, since in spite of my intention to wear the ones I bought over the summer – on bad hair days and whatnot – I found that once my hair got long enough to pull into a ponytail, I always opted to do that instead, and the wigs were costing too much money to not be used other than in a video. I still pick up the occasional sale wig here and there, and would like to review them at some point, but problem #2 is how time-consuming and challenging filming with my Canon 7D is; it’s not a video-friendly DSLR like the 60 or 70D, and working without autofocus or an articulating LCD screen is a huge pain.  I spent days researching video cameras and video-friendly DSLRs but all the options were too pricey for me just to use occasionally, so I decided to try a little Nikon Coolpix s6900 for $180. I haven’t used it yet, but I’m not sure the video quality is going to be good enough to make me happy – we’ll see. Still haven’t had time to try it out, and free time may not come around until Spring Break; but at some point I’ll have to give it a go. Moving on.

I still have a lot of oldies I can upload, so to keep track of what I’ve not yet uploaded I’m just going to go in alphabetical order from here on – starting with Alia. It’s been around a minute, but it’s still popular; this one is from the time in my wig-wearing where I only wore the color 6 in everything. It’s also from when I had a nice Canon Vixia that worked by remote, which was great, but man I never could get satisfactory color balance out of that thing; everything always looked dingy and slightly orange to me with that camera. Anyway, here’s Alia:


6 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Alia by Jon Renau in Color 6

  1. Hoooooooorraaaaay!!!

    I love your wig videos SO much. Even though you didn’t create them with people like me in mind (alopecia areata), they are so informative, so detailed, and so thorough, that they are an incredible resource. Thank you for re-releasing them!

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