Video Wig Review: Audrey by Rene of Paris in Dark Chocolate

I don’t know in what part of the world you live, but where I am, even though it’s only February, spring has definitely sprung and it’s put me in a wig-buying mood for some reason. It would probably make more sense to enjoy wigs when it’s cold outside and they can help keep me warm, but no, it’s when the weather turns sunnier than I get interested in them again.

It could also be because my favorite label Rene of Paris recently came out with four new styles, and they are all pretty fun with some wicked new colors added into the mix. It’s nice when a line that has high quality also decides to get a little edgy; usually the trendier styles are left to the cheaper lines, but it’s not like everyone with hair loss wants a style that blends in; some women want to be bold even though they wear wigs, and this time around, I think ROP really delivered. I also appreciate that although they finally added some modern features to their wigs, like lace fronts, they did NOT jack up the price to a ridiculous degree like most other brands seem to have done (Jon Renau, I’m looking at you) but made a moderate increase to the bottom line that is still totally reasonable (especially if you know where to go to buy them). But more about that later, because my point is that I’ve already bought the ROP Aria in Plumberry and the Bennett in Marble Brown LR to try out; I don’t have them in yet as I just made the purchases but I am hoping to be able to film them when I get them in. So although I want to go on and on about these new styles I’ll keep it to myself until I film the reviews. I will say I also did pick up a Jon Renau Scarlett on sale that I’d like to review too, though. Moving on.

Back to sharing some of the oldies: here’s another one from my dark brown days – Audrey by Rene of Paris. Not a great style on me – I do better with longer layers and not so much hair hovering around my face – but overall it’s cute and a nice price. Not sure they still sell this one though; this was obviously done several years ago.


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