Video Wig Review: Aria by Rene of Paris in Plumberry Jam – LR

Another new style from ROP. The wig is not for me, but because I love the color and it is only available right now in this style, I am going to keep it and get my regular stylist to trim the long bits up front so I can make it wearable. There are other reviews of Aria out there, though, and on most people it looks great; just like the old Rianna by ROP looked great on most people but awful on me. It’s not that I can’t wear this style, it’s more because ROP puts a lot of ‘pouf’ in the crown and that plus the long pieces equals way too much for my smallish face. Other manufacturers have similar styles that I can pull off better, but they don’t have this amazing new color, so Aria still wins for now. Now please, ROP, make more wigs in the Plumberry Jam!

9 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Aria by Rene of Paris in Plumberry Jam – LR

  1. Would never work on my either!!! Plus that long stuff in the front makes it look very wiggy to me. So happy to see you again! Always love your wig reviews!!

  2. OMG! I need this color in the Amore Brandi 😍 I’m dying over it! I actually wanted to cut my bio hair very similar to that style years ago with a very similar color. The pic of the style I was going for was a little longer and the pieces weren’t so long or just on the very front ends, but it’s very similar. Thanks for the review! xo

    • You can place a custom order with ROP – you just have to buy a minimum of 3 🙂 and they cost a little more. Every wig they make should come in this color.

  3. The Color is super pretty, the lacefront blends into your skin perfectly. Though the baby hairs is a smart idea I agree with you they would get caught in the lace though some trimming light be needed of the lace

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  5. OMG, I totally would, we’ve even chatted about this before. The only problem in this case is that I can NOT wear anything but a double mono. Well, I could and have worn a few single monos but in my experience they’re not worth the price (typically as much or sometimes more than an Amore, like with Noriko), so I just avoid them because they’re too expensive to not have the Amore construction. I mean seriously how time consuming or expensive is it to add that little piece of extra fabric! Kinda drives me nuts honestly that any wig over $100 doesn’t come with an option to have a soft, breathable and flexible fabric lining the entire inside of the cap for comfort. I hate when the hairs start to get pulled through to the inside…. so itchy! Anyways that’s my “little” rant because when it comes to wig prices and the quality that we are force fed to believe is all they can supply to keep those “low” prices down, I could down go on forever 😤 lol. Rachel 😘

    • I remember Renau used to make double-monotops too, and they were so nice. I think the Amanda still has it but that’s it. I wish more made them, but it seems like now Amore is the only one. They are so much nicer than single monos!

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