Video Wig Review: Scarlett by Jon Renau in 6F27 (and a quick look at Soft and Subtle by Gabor)

I snagged Scarlett for a nice price at a few weeks ago; it’s the wig that finally inspired me to buy a new video camera so I could more easily make reviews. It’s pretty, I love the wave pattern and length (love it that so many companies are into this length right now instead of so many super-long styles) and the color is always good on me, but there’s a lot of permatease to deal with on this one, so you have to know that going in.

That said, I just got in one of the new Gabor styles – Soft and Subtle – and it’s the same idea as Scarlett but with a monofilament part and smoother hair fiber/less PT up top. However, it’s pricier than Scarlett (about $280) and that’s a lot for a synthetic with a mono part only. You can find it many places at a discount though, and get it down below $200 which is more doable for me; BUT there are a few issues. First, they have these new wigs in two sizes: Average-Petite and Average-Large, neither of which really work for me. I tried the Average-Petite in the Simply Flawless over the summer and it was ridiculously small; so I went with the Average-Large this time only to have it be too big. It’s nice that Gabor is acknowledging that women have different head sizes aside from plain old Average, but I wish that didn’t mean they got rid of the Average size completely, because it turns out that’s what I need. It looks like some of the other new styles DO have an “average” option, just not this one. Boo.

Also, I wanted to try one of the new “rooted” colors, and this was the darkest one from what I could tell; it’s pretty, but the knots are very light and even though the lacefront is dense, all that blonde looks weird against my dark hairline. So probably this one should go back and I should get a darker color in a smaller cap size; but MAN Gabor’s regular colors are boring, and I’m concerned another Average-Petite is going to disappoint me. So I’m undecided what to do with this one. I may have to film it to get a better idea of how it works on me, but that means I can’t return it to the store…so, we’ll see. For now, here are some very sloppy, quick iPhone pics I took right out of the box:


It’s really lovely! Just not sure about some of my choices on this one yet. Anyway, while we wait for me to figure out what I’m going to with Soft and Subtle, here’s Scarlett!

6 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Scarlett by Jon Renau in 6F27 (and a quick look at Soft and Subtle by Gabor)

  1. OMG, color is amazballz, no shine, lacefront is pretty and that curl pattern w ish my hair was like that. I noticed some of the short hairs. Id probably mess the hair up more on top.

  2. My first thought was wow you look so pretty. It looks quite natural, from afar. Maybe the frizziness you mentioned is what makes it look more like human hair. I didn’t think “wig” right away, even though you titled this a wig review. 🙂 Love the color on you.

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