Video Wig Review: Tessa by Noriko in Butter Pecan-R

First of all, Tessa was a longshot for me, and one I should not have taken. It doesn’t look as awful on me in the video as it does in real life, but even in the video it’s not great. This is a hard style to pull off, I think, because it’s a pretty weird shape, but there are a few reviews on YouTube where it looks much better than it does on me here.

Secondly (and most of you aren’t going to care about this one way or another), I filmed several reviews two days ago, but in the end I just could not STAND the poor quality of the results. While having a separate video camera for making reviews is wonderful from a convenience and ease of use standpoint, it’s terrible for creating movies of high quality, and with as picky as I am about my photos I just couldn’t tolerate all the washed-out color and graininess of the videos I made. Definitely there are issues in the actual filming process that I need to work to improve on this – I’m still experimenting with camera settings and lighting, etc. – but this little Sony is limited, which is why it was so cheap, and I’m never going to get the results I desire. While I accepted that when I bought this thing, I still can’t help myself from trying to make the vids look better through editing.

Editing video is such an unruly beast, though, compared to editing photos (which still took me YEARS to learn) and it is so cumbersome for your average computer; Tessa here took TWO HOURS to process after I edited it, and during that time I couldn’t do much of anything else with my laptop while it was working on it. I’m still playing around with how to cut all this time down AND still end up with footage I like, but for now this Tessa vid is as good as it’s going to get. It’s OK, and I still have to make concessions; I can’t get the clarity I prefer unless the video is so grainy it’s almost distracting, so the focus came out really soft. However, I was able to get rid of most of the grain as well as improve the color dramatically from the original, so that’s good. I wouldn’t recommend making this video full-screen, though; the closer you get to it the more blurry it looks! I’ll keep working on perfecting the noise reduction, I promise.

One other annoying thing here that I can only correct in-camera while filming is the annoying color shifts; I used Auto white balance while filming which means the camera kept re-calibrating as I moved around or zoomed in and out, so sorry about that. Next time I film, I need to be sure and set a continuous white balance somehow so those color shifts don’t happen. I know, I know – most of you probably don’t care about any of this and just want to see the damn video, so here it is.

14 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Tessa by Noriko in Butter Pecan-R

  1. Lovely color, but kind of a strange curl pattern, and yes, the shape is one I could not pull off. I’m glad some of these manufacturers are getting a bit more innovate, though!

  2. ‘Looks like a zipper’ lol
    I don’t understand the cut. But I’m no Stylista (I just have one in a box unworn).

  3. Lol at zipper, I’d probably tweeze the very front part a little bit so it showed a bit more and then tweeze the rest in small sections to break it up a little. You said you thinned it I can’t tell it looks like a lot of hair but that’s okay with me because I have a lot of hair. The heavy high lights at first I was like yuck but the more I look at it I think it’s super pretty. Very fashion forward. Live the curl pattern and the way it is in the front. The party in the back is interesting but fun at the same time. Wow I just said and crap load lol

  4. I really like this one, I just think it probably needs more tweaking (probably on everybody. Seems like the curl plus the extreme angled cut plus the find of hair are just too much of a good thing. Like when yyou’re a kid and add as many ice cream toppings as they’ll let you get. Seems awesome but in the end you get a tummy ache. That’s Tessa 😉 It somewhat reminds me of JR Scarlet/Julianne (think that’s the right spelling for those). I remember how cute it was and everybody starting getting them and it needed customizing on everyone it seemed. and Patti from Patti’s Pearls customize one for herself and it was gorgeous! To me, this one kind needs what she did too that wig. A little bang and a lot of thinning around the face couldn’t hurt!

    Hope you can make it work for you because I think it definitely has potential 😘

  5. As someone who has worn wiga for a long time, I only find comfort wearing monofilament that is not lave front. (Bring fully bald makes lace front look insanely unrealistic). I ordered Tessa as I wanted a mono top with a wave that is not lace front. Wow, the cut is edgy, I ordered the color banana split LR and received nothing but great compliments. Compared to other Noriko wigs, the front looks more realistic and wears very comfortably. I personally thought Teesa looked nice on you, especially with your face shape and even like the mods you made to it. I think it deserves a better review than your butchered rendition though..I love your videos and appreciate what you do for the wig community but I have a hard time believing that this wig is one of the worst you reviewed.

    • Well, it’s only in my opinion that it’s the worst I’ve ever reviewed, and I do always mention that what doesn’t look on me may look good on other people. Glad you like it though; I have definitely seen it looking lovely in some other reviews. I’m always going to do my best to be honest but not absolute; mileage of course may always vary! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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