Video Wig Review: Soft and Subtle by Gabor in SS Honey Pecan

I filmed the review for this wig Monday or Tuesday, but in the end I hated the footage so much that I got up this morning and re-reviewed it. I did a better job with camera settings this time, so the white balance and exposure isn’t all over the place, but I think I’m going to have to let go of this idea that I’m going to get the quality of video I want out of this camera. I got it for ease of use, which it certainly has, so I’m going to have to do the best I can and leave it at that. Moving on.

This is a pretty wig, but I’m struggling to accept those scraggly hairs they cut in to provide lift – check out the close-up in the video and you’ll see what I mean. But in case it isn’t clear enough there, here’s a little collage I put together earlier in the week to show some people what I was talking about:


Anyway, check out Soft and Subtle below – new style, new color:

19 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Soft and Subtle by Gabor in SS Honey Pecan

  1. The style is cute and the color is nice but I’m not loving those short, “lift” hairs at all or how dense the lace knotting is. For that matter, I don’t care for the coarse hair fiber. It even looks coarse. Think I’d skip this one, but thanks for the review. I’m anxiously awaiting Amore’s new wigs!

    Have a great weekend Cynthia!

      • Girl! Should be end of April according to Name Brand Wigs. I always check with them around March because they typically release their new styles around the end of April around my birthday 😉 or the beginning of May. NBW is always duper sweet and they always check with their ROP rep, who confirmed it should be the end of April this year apparently. Start saving your nickels and dimes uplol! lol 😘 -Rachel

        • Amore hasn’t had any big releases in awhile it seems, at least not in synthetics. Since both ROP and Noriko came out with nice synthetic styles this past year maybe Amore will too! 🙂

  2. Okay first. I love the curl and I like how dense the knots are personally. I also love the Color but not on you. I think it washes you out completely. Interesting that it’s large on you tho it would probably got my head perfectly. What’s the difference between honey pecan and butter pecan guess butter pecan is more yellow and honey is more ash. I dunno. Those little hairs I’d trim closer in. Kinda strange they would be so long.

  3. What is UP with those little hairs! Speaking as someone who doesn’t want it to be known she’s wearing a wig, there’s no way I’d want a chance of those showing. Thank goodness that you exist!

    In other news, I think it’s amazing that you look so fabulous in so many different hair colors and styles. I love your wig reviews!

    • I like Name Brand Wigs and Gallery of Wigs the best – they always have 30% off most brands. But I also will shot at Wow Wigs or when they have 30% off sales, and I occasionally shop at Sometimes I will also buy from Triple Star or Wig Galaxy on Amazon, too.

  4. I just ordered this one the other day in the lightest blonde. I can’t do dark wigs sad to say but I’m anxious to see the color. I actually need a lighter lace front to blend in with my natural hair…so might work for me. I don’t like that fact it is more puffy at the top though and those short hairs?! Weird! Something tells me mine will be going back. I do love the length…I keep hoping to find a curlier/wavier one that I actually LIKE on me. Have yet to find it…Scarlett and Julianne are scratched. I think I’m just kidding myself. LOL Thanks Cynthia! Any new OMGauze clothes?! 🙂 I just ordered a Giselle Jacket and love it! Wanted a new Belva in lilac but sold out. 😦

    • I ordered a Giselle a while back too! I love it. They sent me an email about getting in new spring colors, but I don’t see any on the website…? Not sure what is up with that.

  5. I really enjoyed the Madelyn wig from last year but I’m hoping they have an updated longer beach wave in Amore this year. I’d also love if they offer some in the Marble Brown LR – Rachel 😘

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  7. I saw your review for Soft and Subtle by Gabor as well as Scarlett by Jon Renau. I’m looking for an almost everyday wear wig for work hours and these two wigs are the perfect cut and style for me. I thought that I liked the Gabor wig more, especially after seeing it on you in the video! I think the mono top is more realistic than the Jon Renau top. However, so many people complain about the short spiky hairs. Which would you consider to look more realistic?

    • Honestly I would go with the Gabor. In spite of the spiky hairs, it looks a lot more realistic than Scarlett, which has a lot of permatease in the crown. Many more people complain about Scarlett than the S&S, and although the hair bothered me personally the woman to whom I sold it loves it and it looks very natural on her. Neither is perfect but then again, what wig is? Lol. Good luck!

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