Video Wig Review: Robin by Noriko in Harvest Gold and Almond Spice

I think I finally found the solution to my camera problem – I won’t go into the details since they would only interest me, but suffice it to say that I am actually satisfied with the end result of this particular video, so I’ve learned how to deal with the Sony at last. I’m also using new video editing software (a slight upgrade from the Movie Maker I’ve been using all these years) so I did use some transition effects that may or may not be really cheesy, but I couldn’t help myself. At last, though, I can edit the colors a bit in a video to make them more vibrant; I’ve hated how dull the color has been on my videos for quite awhile, but of course MM has no way to increase saturation. (Although, for some reason, the video goes on for about 10 minutes after it ends, and I don’t know why – I promise there’s nothing to see past the six minute mark!)

The other good news is that Harvest Gold is beautiful in this wig; I’ve wanted to try something else in this color since buying Coco over the summer, but I was always concerned it would be too blonde or brassy for me. As it turns out, it’s gorgeous, and of course I’m trying to decide what to get next in the same color. I was bummed at first, because Noriko/Amore only make a few longer wigs in Harvest Gold (most of the wigs using this color are shorties) but then I remembered Tressallure wigs are the same as Norikos, and used a color conversion chart to figure out that Mocha Gold in that brand is the same color, and they have all sorts of wigs using that shade (their version of Angelica, Shilo, and Miranda all come in Mocha Gold). Now I just have to decide which to get first, of course.

I’m also showing my Almond Spice in Robin here; it’s another beautiful color, but I’m not nearly as in love with it as I am with the HG. Stay tuned for an upcoming review of Kristen by Jon Renau, too, in the new Toffee Truffle color from the Chocolate Collection!

17 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Robin by Noriko in Harvest Gold and Almond Spice

  1. Love the Harvest gold on you! Not to mention your glasses too! Great color combo! Looking forward to seeing your Kristin review as I’ve always thought about getting that one but haven’t yet.

  2. I believe I actually have this color in Brandy and it’s really prettry but I believe as far as the color goes, you may be right that the A ore version is lighter. I really love how it’s tipped but it’s just a touch golden (yellow) touch. I’ve only been hanging on to it thinking it may look better on me with a tan? I have Brandy in Marble Brown and I think it looks much better on me. I have a picture of both uploaded to my Google+ account “Mane Topic” if you want thereto see the Amore color for comparison.

    I really like the Robin on you and of course you look gorgeous in the Brandy as well! The Almond Spice is really beautiful, wish Brandy was offered in that color as well.
    Excited to see what Amore comes out with next month!! Thanks for the post 😘

    • I did go check out your photo – thanks! Harvest Gold seems more blended in the Amore too, which also concerns me. I like the tipped effect it has with Robin. I think I’ll shy away from ordering an Amore in that color – but I am going to try a Chanelle by Tressallure since that’s the same as Shilo and it would be in a Noriko HG not an amore one πŸ™‚

  3. This wig is gorgeous, and very reasonably priced. What a great find. I have to say I love the almond spice on you best. But harvest gold is a really lovely color on you as well. Oh and p.s., I keep forgetting to tell you, I really love the opening credits.

    • Also, do you know of any wigs that are similar up top to this one, but hit at just above/on the shoulders? (The Amore/Samantha I bought off you in 2013 is finally at its end…I really made her last!)

      • I would think maybe Star Quality by RW? It has more layering but it is pretty straight and low-density like this. it’s one of my favorite wigs, very natural looking in my opinion. You could also try Enigma by RW or Angelique by Renau; they are similar and are cheaper options. I was just thinking about getting a new Star Quality since I don’t have one on hand right now and I do like it a lot.

  4. Yeah, I knew there was something about it that was different, I just couldn’t quite figure it out. You’re right though, it is more blended, plus the roots seem lighter to me. That’s probably because they’re helping disguise the permatease on Robin so the roots are darker.
    I think that’s a great idea because the Shilo style is beautiful and the color placement should match Robin/Noriko. Can’t wait to see it!

    Can I make a request please? Would you show a close up of the outside inside of the mono on it and the crown from the outside when you review it? I’d really appreciate it since I’ve cal ways been curious about the Tressallure wigs but I’ve never owned one. Thanks so much! -Rachel 😘

  5. Oh I wish I could wear long wigs and look as lovely! The Harvest Gold is stunning on you!! I am definitely going to find a shorter style in that colour. Thank you for making the videos fun and informative.

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