Video Wig Review: Kristen by Jon Renau in Toffee Truffle

I wanted to try one of Renau’s new colors from the Chocolate Collection, but as I say in the video I didn’t want to spend too much on a wig to do it. Renau hasn’t been very high on my list of wigs to buy lately, mostly due to the unreliability of their lace front/monofilament top combination, but it is nice that with each new release they include at least one reasonably-priced wig without a mono top, and a few years ago Kristen was one of those. It’s a great little wig with a simple style that, if you like bobs and can wear them well, is very easy to throw on and go. And Toffee Truffle is a pretty color, although, in my opinion, all of these new brunettes were pretty tame compared to what Rene of Paris/Noriko/Amore has been coming up with, color-wise.Β For a line that has so many colors, it’s amazing to me how meh I am about most of them; they have a ton of reds and browns, Β but not one shade as interesting as, say, the new Plumberry Jam-LR from Rene of Paris, or the Illumina-R. I know, I know, I am constantly comparing other wig lines to ROP, but I can’t help it; they’re still at the head of the pack in my opinion (head of the pack – get it?).

Anyway, here’s a quick look at Kristen in Toffee Truffle:

15 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Kristen by Jon Renau in Toffee Truffle

  1. Hi Cynthia,
    I’ve been away from your blog as I was getting scalp injections & they seemed to work initially but after several months, my hair has started to fall out again.. Anyway, I was happy to see a new video in my inbox. This color & style are so striking on you, just stunning. It’s got a classic & trendy look. I do wish Jon Renau would do darker roots on this. It seems like the blonde wigs have dark roots but not the brunette wigs. This color looks similar to Coffee Latte. Is it close to that color wise? My next wig is going to be a Jon Renau lace front. I’m considering this one & Elle. Or I may go for the hand tied Karlie or Cameron. Also really fond of the new Rachel whenever it makes its way to Gallery of Wigs. Thanks for your informative reviews! And I really like the new editing effects & lighting. So professional! πŸ™‚

    • Sorry the scalp injections didn’t work. 😦 I think it’s just harder to put visible roots on a brown wig so the companies don’t go to the trouble of trying sometimes. I think Coffee Latte is about this shade of brown but the highlights are more prominent and some of them are blonder.

  2. Love the Color, and the bob style is super cute. I don’t mind some permatease because it makes it a little more realistic in my opinion. I have little hairs of new growth that seems to stick up so if a wig has it to me it just looks more real because bio hair using perfect. Anywho the cut looks great on you and color is super pretty

  3. Starting to sound like a used car salesman lol!
    This style looks really flattering on you and the color is subtly dynamic. Really great everyday wig! Thanks for showing it 😘 -Rachel

  4. I love love this wig on you! So natural looking and the color is too. I am definitely going to try this one. I just wish JR had better blondes…love the Tressallure blondes. Have you tried any of those wigs?Some are a pretty good deal like ROP.

    • Yeah, in general JR colors don’t thrill me, which is crazy because they have a TON of colors. And if you look at my comment below this one you’ll see a link to a TressAllure I reviewed – i’ve had a few. I also have one on order. They are dupes of Norikos and it’s nice because they come in a wider variety of colors than Norikos do!

  5. Hey Cynthia 😊 This is unrelated to this post, sorry. It is wig related though. I was looking at the TressAllure wigs and I know you have a bit of experience with that line. I believe Chantelle Change style is the Amore Brandi? Do you know if the exact same Amore colors are offered just under TressAllure names or are there some different? Thanks for your help! 😘 -Rachel

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