Video Wig Review: Camille by TressAllure in Mocha Gold (also Shilo by Noriko in Harvest Gold)

I’ve reviewed Camille before – she’s the lacefront version of Shilo by Noriko made by TressAllure, which used to be La Vie, which used to be Noriko. Long story. Anyway, I wanted to try another long wig in Harvest Gold and remembered that often I can find a TressAllure version of a wig I like by Noriko in different colors – and Camille was no exception. However, I don’t think the color is as lovely in Shilo as it is in the Robin. Oh well. It’s still a lovely wig, and I like it better than the Java Frost/English Tea HL one I bought over the summer.

In  other news, I learned how to use my camera properly, finally, so this video looks the best of my recent reviews (except for the extra three minutes of empty video at the end that I forgot, again, to cut out). It only took me a month or so to figure it out, but it was definitely a pain until I got it all sorted.

Also, I haven’t been buying any wigs lately, because I was waiting for more brands to come out with spring releases; many of them are out now, and so far, I’m majorly disappointed. While the styles the companies are coming out with are great, the prices are downright insulting. Over three hundred dollars for a synthetic wig with a lacefront and a monofilament top? Are you kidding me? And most of them are significantly over the $300 mark, too. Sure, I can usually snag a wig on a 30% off sale somewhere, but that still makes the cost in the high $200-range, and that’s just ridiculous to me. I cannot bring myself to spend that much on a synthetic wig, sorryboutit. And since I don’t like human hair ones, well, the reviews are going to be sparse and not focused on new styles. When I reviewed regularly, getting my hands on the new releases was my thing – I wanted to be the first to review the new stuff when it came out. Not sure why that mattered to me so much, but whatever – it isn’t going to be happening anymore anyway.

I did find a Raquel Welch Glitterati on sale for $119 so I snatched that up (been wanting to try that one for quite some time) and I’ve also been curious about the Envy Tara, which came out in the fall of 2015; it was never an overpriced wig (about $130), so once I realized I wasn’t going to be buying any of Raquel Welch’s or Jon Renau’s ridiculous $350 options, I went ahead and purchased Tara to try out and review. Lamenting the prices also prompted me to wander over to Paula Young and see if any lower-priced wigs might tickle my fancy, and I found a little shortie there called Shawn to try as well, for around $60.

Of all the new styles, so far only good old Rene of Paris has kept things reasonable, so I’m looking forward to these new Amores in hopes that they will be reasonably priced as well. For now – here’s Camille/Shilo (and yes, I know I titled the color wrong in the credits; it was too late to fix it by the time I realized my mistake).

19 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Camille by TressAllure in Mocha Gold (also Shilo by Noriko in Harvest Gold)

  1. I LOVE this one on your Cynthia… and just in general! The color, style, everything is pure glamour ❤ I totally agree with you about this style getting lots of attention from what I’ve experienced with the Shilo.

    I’d love having this style made by Amore but from my experience, the Shilo just didn’t hold up the same 😞

    Thanks for showing this, it’s lovely 😀

  2. I just love love this color on you and I adore those glasses!!! Did you get them online by any chance? Love the frames! Love my Tressallure Charlotte…need to try another one of theirs! I can’t wear ones this long but it looks wonderful on you!

    • Yes, I get my glasses at In a store they would cost me $700 or more; online they are about $110! I can’t get the absolute thinnest lenses like I can in the store, but they are plenty thin and I actually see better with the 1.67 index than the i.74. I’ve bought tons of glasses from them and only had one pair turn out a little wonky.

  3. Just gorgeous! This style suits you so well & the color too! I think it looks fuller than the one you had in the Java Frost version. Also the Tress Allure seems thicker than the Noriko Shilo. Would you say that or is it just how it’s coming off on camera? I’ve finally decided to take the plunge and get a long wig. Debating between this, Shilo by Noriko or Brandi by Amore. I think the Brandi flopping into my face might drive me nuts. lol Thanks for all of your awesome videos!!! 🙂

  4. Ugh, never mind, I watched again and you did say it felt thicker. Is the lace front worth the extra money though? I’m now wondering about Zara from Jon Renau. It’s longer than I’d like but it looks a little more natural on you the way it lays in your video. Wish I could afford to splurge and buy them all lol

    • I think the lace front is probably worth it; the hairlines can look a bit thick without it and a lot of people don’t like that. Brandi does flop into the face a lot so yeah, that might make you bonkers. If I had to choose I probably would pick Zara, it is fabulous wig but then I might get it trimmed because it is very long.

  5. The Camille looks gorgeous on you! I have always worn shorties (Winner, Simplicity, Tia), but I am seriously considering going for a long one. I loved your review on Brandi, so I might give it a try.
    You also mention Tara by Envy. It looks very similar to Tia by Noriko. I have been curious about it for a while! I wear the Tia for daily use, but I don’t love the Noriko bump. On top of that, I always have to take it to my stylist to thin it out because it always comes with too much hair. I wonder how the Tara compares? When are you planning on reviewing it? I can’t wait!

    • I have it ready to go, just haven’t written the post yet. Should be able to get on it today. I agree about that Noriko bump – Tia looked weird on me because of it. At least to me it did, it probably really looked fine but I could NOT get used to that bump!

  6. This looks really fantastic on you. I love the face framing layers. Thank goodness for ladies like you that do these video reviews. If I had only the stock photos on the different wig sellers websites to base my decisions on, I’d probably pass on 98% of them.

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