Video Wig Review: Aria by Rene of Paris in Plumberry Jam-LR (customized)

Apparently, there is a glitch with Apple’s latest iOS update that disallows playing Vimeo’s videos when the privacy setting is enabled (which is the case with my vids). As of April 9, Vimeo was saying an update is coming to the iOS in the next few days that should correct the problem. There’s a similar issue happening with Safari right now too, so if you cannot see the video try watching it on a computer instead of a mobile device until updates fix the problem.

Finding someone who can and/or will customize a wig can be a bother. I’ve had many stylists react with disdain or disbelief when I’ve asked them if they would trim one of my wigs, so I sympathize if you’re having difficulty finding someone. That said, the right person can and will work with you if need to have your wig customized to flatter your face (read this post if you want more details about my experiences with this).

Today I got my bio hair cut, and I brought Aria with me so my stylist could trim up those long pieces in the front that were going wonky on me (she’s styled other wigs for me before, so I knew she’d be up for it). It looks better now, but it’s still not great on me.

The customized version is below, and here’s a link to the original video to get a more detailed look at the color and see what it looks like right out of the box. I say it about a million times in these videos, but I do hope ROP includes this color in any new releases they have in the future; everyone I know who has tried it has loved it, so it has to be selling well for the company. Fingers crossed – I’d love to get a wig in this color that better suits my face.

Also, my makeup was a bit of a fail here – my face looks a little orange and doesn’t  match my neck! I have gotten a bit of sun the last few weeks, and I still haven’t figured out how to compensate for it with my foundation. Try not to notice!


9 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Aria by Rene of Paris in Plumberry Jam-LR (customized)

  1. Surprising how the little trimming has made a world of difference I wasn’t so sure on the style but looks great now, I too love the colour. The side profile is gorgeous.
    I had a local hairdresser (sadly one who’d never seen a wig) trim my current wig, NEVER again, next week I thankfully get Trendsetter,by Rachel Welsh, and I’ll let the stylist do any adjustments if needed. 🙂

    • Trendsetter is really cute! It’s always amazing to me how little the world of hairstyling and the world of wigs mix. You would think they would go together, but your average hairstylist knows NOTHING about wigs and treats them like being asked to groom your dog – almost insulted by the idea, or completely flabbergasted at the thought. I’m sure back in the 60’s-70;s when they were much more common it was a regular part of going to the salon to get a wig shaped up. In fact I know back in the day wigs were even sold in department stores and drugstores alongside the hats and scarves!

  2. I think this looks lovely on you, but you seem to suit so many wigs! I’m based in the U.K. And I just bought this based on your review. I have never had so many compliments on a cut and Colour as I have had with this wig! Considering I’ve worn human hair for four years I’m amazed. I’ve just ordered the Angelina PM in Plumberry too …eeek, excited! Thank you for your reviews, they really help. Keep up the good work!

    • Aw thanks! I bet Angelica wil be lovely in that color! I’m not doing many reviews right now or buying wigs (spending money on other things) but I still have some videos from last month to edit and upload. 😉 I don’t even know what new styles have come out lately, which is probably a good thing LOL

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