Video Wig Review: Lasting Impression by Gabor in GL8-29

Well this wig IS aptly named – it makes a lasting impression, no doubt about that. It’s just a very, very bad one.

At least that was the case with me, and one other person who had a few things to say about this wig. I did see  a photo of someone wearing it and it looked very nice and natural on her, which inspired me to try it, but on me – ugh. No. Horrible. The bad color choice and choice of top do not help, admittedly. The combination of those limp layers around my face and the turtleneck make me look like, well, a turtle retreating into its shell. So good job, turtleneck – also aptly named (although usually I can rock a nice turtleneck with  no problems).

And good Lord, this video. What I go through to try and create quality vids – and I still haven’t achieved that goal. I always set a custom white balance when I film, but for some reason with video this never works for me. Clearly I am doing something wrong but I’ve no idea what, and searching online for information always goes way over my head with the explanations, so. I am left to flounder on my own.

I ended up around 12 AM this morning searching, once again, for a program that can simply color correct the white balance in a video, and for the most part found the usual, incredibly high-priced and complicated solutions I have no interest in trying. The reason for my search was a video that looked like this:


Nice puke-green tint I have going there, right? I really tried to upload this and just be satisfied I got it done, but I could. Not. Stand. It. So therein began my software search. And around 1:15 AM, I thought I’d found it – something called ColorDirector by Cyberlink. Standalone color-correcting video software, and with a free trial to boot? I’ll take one, please.

Correcting the white balance was as easy with this program as it is with photos – find a gray area in the image, click on it, and the computer re-calibrates the color in the video. Took three seconds. Bam! Except, then you can’t do anything else in the software because it’s ONLY a color corrector, not a video editor, and therein lay the problem. I have no idea how to render a video in one program so that it is still editable when brought into another program (like the Filmora I’ve been using recently for editing) so the solution to THAT appeared to be purchasing the video editing software that is offered as a package with Color Director; it wasn’t too expensive, so I figured I’d cough up the dough and give it a go. Easy, right?

Except that, after waiting about 20 minutes for it to download, I was not able to enter the activation key that came with my receipt, and try as I might, I could not get it to work, nor could I find anything online addressing a solution to the problem. I did find a LOT of feedback from angry customers having the same issue and getting no assistance from what appeared to be a completely nonexistent customer service department, so at this point (around 2:30 AM) the outlook did not look good.

I went to bed at 3 AM,  ticked off that after all that time, research, and money I still had no way to properly edit my videos, then woke up around 9 AM determined to work it out anyway. So here’s what I have so far: I can open a video in ColorDirector, use the software to fix the white balance issues, then render it as a file that appears to doctor up in Filmora OK. However. While correcting the color balance takes about 3 seconds, rendering the corrected video? Took THREE HOURS. For a seven-minute video. Then I had to edit it in Filmora (another process that is annoying, because when editing, the video you see on your screen is of a reduced quality in relation to the video you are actually creating, so there’s no way to know if the changes you are making actually are any good or not) and re-render THAT vid, which took another 45 minutes.

So, for this one 5 minute video of me in a crappy wig, I spent about 7 hours working. Fun, right? But hey – it did get the green out, at least:


Now let’s not discuss the other hundreds of things I wish I knew how to improve, and just take a look at this fugly wig. And if anyone reading this knows a thing or two about video production, yes, I am AM an idiot. But I can process a MEAN photo, so don’t count me out entirely. This video editing BS is just too difficult for words IMHO (and yet I came up with  quite a few).


31 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Lasting Impression by Gabor in GL8-29

  1. Did you just say you’re reviewing Janelle? I’ve had that in my cart for a week. I hope it’s a good one. I can’t wait to see it.

  2. My Samantha wig has some of that permatease at the nape too which is scratchy/itchy & drove me crazy. I finally got the courage to take the cap in & it doesn’t aggravate me anymore as it fits me better & isn’t laying on my neck. I agree with you about this wig though. It’s not “you” It reminds me a little of Mrs. Brady.
    I finally ordered my first long & first hand tied wig- Courtney in 4/33 thanks to your reviews 🙂 I’m so curious to compare the Jon Renau fibers to the Amore. I definitely like ROP’s color choices much better! I’m not impressed with Gabor from what I’ve seen.
    I always enjoy your reviews! 🙂

  3. And poor you, spending all that time editing this short video! I’m an artist too btw, as you probably know by my email address 😉 Editing is my least favorite part of any creative project I get into. I’m a portrait artist (drawings) mainly but I also paint landscapes, abstracts, & do other crafty things along with some photography but mine is mainly of wild life. I don’t know how to message you on here but I would add you on FB if you have an account. Anyway, we appreciate all of your hard work & effort because your reviews are so thorough & you are fun to watch!

    • Thanks! I am still trying to figure out how to work with these videos so that I am satisfied with them. Last night after about 6 hours and only being at 21% rendering I stopped the latest video…I am gonna spend this morning trying to research a way to speed things up since I’m off work again due to the flooding in the area. Seems I cut the time it takes to actually FILM these things in half but added all that time back on in the processing end! Ugh.

  4. Hi there.:) Mmmm it does look dry, especially the back! Looks like a person who doesn’t care for their hair or has never put conditioner in their hair….yuk
    I don’t mind the colour but that’s about it. Thankyou for saying about the Noriko/ Rene of Paris shine compared to Gabor dry fibers, I thought that was just me.
    Oh, I just love my Rachel Welsh Trendsetter I finally got, I love it, it’s light and looks really fresh.
    Oh how a good hairstyle makes you feel:)

    • The silkier the shinier it’s gonna be, but I cannot stand the feel of a dry synthetic even if it does make it look more realistic. And really the shine factor isn’t as bad on a brunette wig as it is on the blondes, so I’m usually OK with it. 🙂

  5. Gotta say I agree about this one. It’s not awful but why pay for and wear a wig that’s just Meh? Me just kinda looks like hair that’s needing a salon day.

    At least you can return it. Thanks for showing it! xo Rachel

  6. Um Capital E guess what that stands for Ewwwwww. At first I was like oh what’s so wrong with it. Then I kept watching and then you turned sideways and then back and omg. No real movement. Looks like greesy hair. Color was alright but nothing like RWs shaded hazelnut. The lacefront didn’t look all that great either. Glad she’s going back. Yikes lol.

        • Nope – I am done with Gabor for the time being. I’m a little pissed because I had some Renaus coming and they were supposed to be delivered yesterday, but due to the rains the post office didn’t try to to deliver them until 8:30 PM and the mailbox place where I rent a space was closed; they marked the packages as ‘undeliverable as addressed’ and according to the USPS website are gonna ship them back to the stores! Ugh! I am hoping it is a case of them being scanned wrong and they still show up today. otherwise this sucks. Not my fault they didn’t get to the mailboxes until almost 9 PM…grr.

  7. AS an aside—- hope you avoided any problems with your “downpours”… Time ti hum
    along with Rodney Crowell and “Telephone Road” (you Tube) and “Houston” memories
    re. big storms.

  8. Have to agree with all you said here. I recently got one of the new soft and touseled wigs by Gabor and tousled it right back….not for me.

  9. That editing thing sounds painful!

    And you’re right, that wig does look like a frumpy librarian. Greasy and gross. But an entertaining video!

    • The learning curve is huge, the files I have to work with are HUGE, and I am incredibly picky, so yeah. It’s a pain but I am figuring it out. We’ve not had work all week due to the flooding in the area (haven’t had any where I live though) so I’ve been spending a few days on the computer reading up and trying things out. Should help!

  10. Ugh – the GL8/29 Hazelnut is very misleading. The first time I received one in that color, I thought there’d been a mistake as it’s almost orange. Very different from their 8/29+ color, Dark Cinnamon Mist. I don’t understand how two 8/29’s can be so different but no more Gabor for me.

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