Video Wig Review: Tara by Envy in Amaretto & Cream

I’d been eyeing Tara for awhile and finally decided to give her a go once I saw the elevated prices on the new releases from Renau and Raquel Welch. She looks so cute in the advert photos, but in reality she’s a bit more poufy than I would like – short wigs are tough for me because of their tendency to add so much height to the hair, and Tara goes a little overboard on me as well. I think it’s fine, and that I am just not used to all the lift up top so I always feel self-conscious in wigs like this because of it. But it’s a cute little cut. Overall I’d have to say Envy’s Shari is one of my favorite short wigs so far; that is a style that tends to work better on me that little shags like this one. But I like the extra coverage Tara gives over the ears and at the nape.

I snagged Tara for just under $100 at Name Brand Wigs during a 30% off sale. One more reason to like shorties – much cheaper than the long synthetics!

18 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Tara by Envy in Amaretto & Cream

  1. What a pretty color! I wish I was courageous enough to try the fancy mixed colors. I get nervous because I can’t tell how it will look by just the swatch. I always end up with a 2 or 4 or a 6. Any suggestions for colors that are mostly dark with just a little highlighting?

    • Depends on the brand you’re looking at. I think there are a lot of good choices with ROP/Noriko/Amore for sure. I always seek out videos and photos of the colors I am interested in to see. But usually if the base color is one you are familiar with you the highlights should be OK. It should still match the skin tone and all that.

  2. Oh I love it! So very cute, I think I found my next style…And I happen to think it suits you. It always takes me a couple of days for any wig to “settle” on me, I think I look at every mirror I can for a week and play with it.
    The colour is lovely too:) Did I say that already? 🙂

  3. Oh beautiful color! 🙂 I’m not fond of the puffiness at the top but like you say, it may tone down with some wear & maybe can be thinned. I was just looking at this type for my mom so I was really glad to see it in my email this morning. I don’t look good in short cuts but I think they’re very flattering on you.

  4. Thank you for another great review! I love the color! I think Tara looks very cute on you, but I agree about the puffiness. That’s also my problem with the Tia by Noriko.

  5. Very different from the stock photos for sure – those look quite flatso on top. This one’s going on my list! Looks great on you.

      • I received mine last week and it doesn’t look at all like yours. It’s quite thin actually, for an Envy, and not much volume. I’ve had good luck with their shorties, but this one isn’t for me. If you know anyone interested in a Choc Caramel, let me know!

  6. I actually like this one on you but not soo much the crown volume. There’s a wig reviewer on YouTube named FauxHairFabulous who has a video showing how she removed the permatease volume from a Angelica wig. If you did that and flattened it I think this style would be awesome on you. Thanks for showing it. xo Rachel

  7. Cynthia! I have been watching your wig videos for years!! Love them – so helpful – you have saved me money and time with your work. You do a better job than the retailer do with their reviews – Please never quit!!

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