Video Wig Review: Scarlett by Jon Renau in Salted Caramel

Scarlett is a pretty wig and all, but something about this one just isn’t working on me. Salted Caramel is an odd color from the new Chocolate Collection, IMHO: it can come off very stripey, so I thought a wig with wave might break up the highlights better and combat this, but it seems to have done the opposite and accentuated them. I also tried ordering a large-size cap to deal with the added girth my bio hair creates underneath the wig, and that may have been a mistake; the style overall doesn’t seem to fit my face like the 6F27 does. Anyway, it’s not a bad wig, and the lacefront is nice. I knew this color was a risk on me but I decided to take it anyway; probably I should not have done so.

And as with every wig review I do, my opinions are my own, and I only share them because it’s impossible for me to put a wig on my head and film it without those opinions coming through. I am always diplomatic when making a review that is less than positive, and try to point out that a wig that looks bad on me might be right up someone else’s alley, but if I don’t like how something looks I’m of course going to say so. All this is said with much love, of course, darlings.


21 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Scarlett by Jon Renau in Salted Caramel

  1. I’m not in love with this color on you. It just doesn’t compliment you and it should look amazing when you pay for hair 😉 However, I don’t really think I like the color period. The base color and highlight color just seem to clash a bit. Anyway, the style is really cute on you. I’ve seen it on a lot of people and most people it doesn’t look as good on. The hair just seems to wanna fall forward on these styles and most of the time the bangs are all in the face. Maybe soaking it helped? I love the curls, just can’t see myself wearing it without cutting in bangs and I’m not sure how that would look. Thanks for showing it! xo Rachel

  2. Just rewatched the other the Scarlett’s video. It’s definitely the color that’s throwing this off because that one looks fab! Can you swap it out for a different one? There’s that pretty color with the dark brunette and bright burgundy… can’t think of the name, but it’s the chocolate collection too.

    • Yes, I can’t recall the name of it either but I know which one you mean. But I already dunked this one in water and all that, so I can’t return it. I’ll probably sell it eventually.

      • I actually love it lol and I love your blog and wig reviews it has helped me so much. I was lost when I first started loosing my hair due to alopecia. Could you tell me where you sell the wigs you do not prefer for yourself. Thank you and keepem coming…

      • I thought I posted before but I didn’t see it so I am going to try again. Thank you so much for making these videos it has helped me so much after my hair loss, looking for a wig was hard. But after seeing the countless wig reviews i am confident enough to buy and wear them. I would also like to know where do you sell the wigs you do not like… Thank you in advance and keep the videos coming.

  3. Reminds me of Noriko’s Carrie but better because of lace front. Yes it’s very streaky but as always you pull off wearing wigs like magic. Looks totally natural. Just out of curiosity how is your camera zooming in and out as you show the details? Is it automatic or is someone else filming? Your videos look so professional. 🙂

    • I bought a remote that connects to the camera via USB. This camera was suck a steal! Found it on eBay for $150. Definitely not high-tech but it gets the job done quickly.

  4. For some reason I’m getting a message I can’t see this video because of privacy settings. Did something change recently? (I’m getting it with all your videos on the site). I am in Canada so maybe that’s why? I’ve had my eye on this one, so I’d love to see the video if possible! 🙂 Thanks!

    • It is usually because you are trying to view on a mobile device. There is some glitch with my video host site that still hasn’t been corrected, but for now most mobile devices can’t play the videos. Sorry!

      • Oh that worked! Thanks, you were right. I just viewed it on my computer and it was fine. Odd as I watched some of your other videos on my mobile, but maybe it’s glitchy then.

        I agree with the others, the wig looks great on you – that other color is excellent! I’m not a fan of this color in general either. The brown roots are a bit too dark I feel for the rest of it. I have Caramel Syrup in Zara on the way, so hopefully it works okay for me. Hopefully without the rooting, it’ll be okay. It is definitely quite streaky!

        I like the price point of this one though, so I might get one eventually in another color. 🙂

        • This is such an odd color; i’ve seen other reviews (even of this same wig) where it looks great, but here it is just wrong. Which leads me back to the thought that it must just not be good on me and that’s throwing things off. Hope the Caramel Syrup works! Zara makes everything look pretty great, though.

          • That is odd. It does seem JR colors can vary from wig to wig though. I’ll see one color on one that looks great and then on another, the highlights fall strange. Thanks! Fingers crossed with Zara!

  5. Like always, you pull off any wig you wear. But I think maybe it’s just too much blonde. Even though it has both colors, since the blonde is so stripey, it really stands out.

  6. I love this wig on everyone but me. I think you look very pretty in it. I also think for the summer that would be a nice color on you….but I also think you can *see* the color much better than I can on the video. I like Kristen on me but put a Scarlett or Julianne on me and forget it. So wanted to love them! So it goes with wigs! 🙂

    • I do think Scarlett is hard to wear in person – it’s pretty wild looking. It makes me feel a little insecure myself; just kinda does it’s own thing, and I’m definitely more comfortable with a smoother style.

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