Video Wig Review: Elle by Renau in Shaded Praline

All these blondes I’ve been reviewing lately have reinforced for me why I don’t review more blondes. It’s harder for me to pull off than I at first realized – and I had no idea Shaded Praline was soooo light; it doesn’t look this light on other people, at least not that I could tell. Not a good look on me, but it was on sale and it’s an Elle, which is one of my favorite wigs (review of a 6F27 coming soon) so I couldn’t pass it up. But yeah, not necessarily a good look on me. Speaking of which:


It actually looks OK with ten tons of Photoshop! Anyway, on to the review:

32 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Elle by Renau in Shaded Praline

      • had one on sale – they have a clearance page that I think are all returns so they’re just one-offs. I have no idea what the “F” means; in Renau colors you know it’s a rooted color when it has “S” and a number at the end – like 12fS8 means rooted with a color 8.

  1. I don’t totally dislike this color on you, but it might be a bit too blonde IMO. I think those cute glasses are helping pull it off because without them, the lighter blonde might wash you out a little. Darker makeup could help that though?
    Personally, this length drives me crazy because it hits my shoulder and curls up. That’s what Samantha by Amore did on me too. I prefer a shorter or longer length so I don’t have to fidget with it as much, especially when I’m wearing a collared shirt.
    Anyway, really pretty style on you! I don’t think it would work on me. xo Rachel

    • This is my favorite length, because any longer and the wig really starts to mat and tangle quickly. I know what you mean about the flip; my bio hair does the same thing at this length so even though it’s annoying I do think it makes it look more natural. I loooove the really long wigs like Zara, but they just don’t last long enough to justify the price (unless you can buy two and alternate them). And yeah, I agree, I think this is just a bit too blonde for me, but it is a lovely color!

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  3. I think you look great in this and if you wear it a lot, you may not want to go back to the darks. Your green eyes help to make it look like it’s part of a package. Without photoshop. πŸ˜‰

    I started going up a little lighter from my usual 8-based shades (my “birth” color) and now they seem too dark to me. Brains are funny!

    • I do wear my bio hair lighter now, since getting into my 40’s I need to be lighter than my natural color, which is very dark brown. But to go this light on the bio hair would kill it for sure! LOL. However it’s a lovely color; Renau certainly has more color options that most lines.

  4. Oh my gosh I LOVE you in this color!!! I think it makes you look very young…not that you usually don’t but it’s very youthful. I agree about the shine but that’s an easy fix like you said. I think it’s just that you aren’t used to yourself in this light of color. It looks GREAT Cynthia! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks! Not sure how I missed replying to this comment. And yeah, this one is just a bit too blonde for me I think, but it IS a lovely shade. A lot of people like this one.

  5. I do like this color as well on you as well! πŸ™‚ The darker root looks way better on this one than on the Scarlett in my opinion. I think Shaded Mocha might be a nice option also if this is a bit too blond, unless you’ve already tried that before. I’ve been looking at that color and I think it’s not quite so bright.

    You do definitely look great in dark colors – I think your Amber review in 6 was one of my favorites. But I’ve always loved very dark hair. πŸ™‚ I agree with the above poster though that after a while of wearing it, it might grow on you.

        • Got it in today – it’s very nice, although a bit more layered than I think looks best on me. Quite full with a full thick bang that’s long enough to be swept to the side. On me it looks a touch…matronly? I dunno it’s not quite the right style on me, but I was trying it on without makeup on and that makes a big difference. I may like it better when I have my face on. The color is Shaded Mocha and it’s lovely! Hopefully I can film this weekend but we’ll see – pretty busy right now with the end of the school year approaching.

          • That’s great to hear about the color! I think I might just go with it in an Amber I want to order right away. I never actually noticed Katherine in their line until you mentioned it. It’d be a good one to try one of the blond colors (a bit scary for me!) as it’s cheaper. She seems kind of similar to Gisele in the pictures, is that the case? Do you find the permatease quite noticeable on it? I’m just nerous of permatease at this point. I kind of managed to make the Hailey by Noriko work okay, but I definitely prefer my JR monofilaments. But I think I read somewhere the permatease is a bit more intense on Noriko than JR. I also really like their Ignite but then it’s permatease and HD fibers, so not sure on that. Cysterwigs has a 35% off $400+ sale through until this weekend though so I plan to get a few. πŸ™‚ At least if they’re cheap it’s not as huge of a deal if they don’t work.

            I imagine it gets very busy at this time!

          • I don’t think Katherine is near as glam as Gisele; the layers and the bangs are shorter overall. It has some nice fullness but to me it’s a much more casual style. If you check out YouTube there are some good reviews of her there.

            I do think Noriko uses more PT than other brands, yes, they seem to really love it! But, PT does tone down over time and a wig with a lot of it will lose some of that pouf. So while the PT is there with Katherine, I do not think it’s as noticeable as Hailey – Hailey has a LOT of PT and is very round, whereas Katherine is not rounded (Noriko loves that rounded shape and uses it in a LOT of wigs).

            HD fibers in general I do NOT like. But in a short wig it is OK. It doesn’t feel as good as regular synthetic to me and it clumps up easily, but on the Ignite I think it would be OK. I think even Ignite is a little rounded on me, but it’s been awhile since I’ve tried one.

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  7. Interesting info – thanks. πŸ™‚ I just checked a few video reviews of Katherine, and you’re right. I loved Gisele (bought it after watching your reviews actually), so I’ll probably just stick with her then. Good to know about PT. I haven’t given my Hailey a lot of wear time, so that may remedy it as well. I think the Ignite is a hit or miss on some people. I see some pictures/videos where it looks great and others where it’s not so great. After looking at more on Ignite, I think I like the shape of Noriko’s Jolie a bit better, so I think I’m going to go that route. It’s mono, so hopefully will be better!

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