Video Wig Review: Elle by Jon Renau is in 6F27

As I mentioned in the Shaded Praline Elle review I posted previously, here’s my Elle in 6F27. I love this wig! The color is a very close match for my bio hair right now and the length is just a touch longer than mine, too. Of course, Elle looks way better than my bio hair ever could, but I can put this one on and go places where people normally see me in my ‘real’ hair and generally no one clocks it as a wig. It’s basically a good hair day in a box, which is what we’re all looking for, right?

Anyway, here she is. I also have a Janelle by Noriko waiting to review, but time is limited right now; and I’m finally trying out the Katherine by Jon Renau I’ve been curious about forever but haven’t bought until now. I’m still trying to keep my wig purchases on the cheaper side, and Katherine’s another mid-length style you can find for well under $200. Now I’m off to drink my coffee and peruse Wow Wig’s clearance section, since they’re having another 30% sale over there – have a nice Wednesday, everyone!

Oh, and by the way, the wig by Estetica I mention here that got clocked for being ‘too perfect’ was called Jamison. Not that there’s anything wrong with the wig, but I rarely have anyone comment about my hair out in public for being wig-like, and that did happen to me in that one. It was a very lovely older gentleman in the post office who I’m sure meant no offense; he said my hair looked so perfect he thought it had to be a wig, seemingly without realizing that it really was!

12 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Elle by Jon Renau is in 6F27

  1. Love the highlighting on this color! “Good hair day in a box”…that’s awesome! Janelle will be really pretty as well I bet!!

  2. Took me forever to get the vid to work but in the end it worked. 6F27 really is a pretty Color and it looks like the hairline is pretty dense on that unit. Which can help hide your bio hair. Though I know you don’t care haha

    • Yep it’s nice and dense so that helps. Looks like Vimeo is just going through it right now, very glitchy lately. They will work it out eventually though, they always do.

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