Video Wig Review: Angelica by Noriko in Illumina-R

I really thought this would look more fabulous than it does. Maybe it just kinda doesn’t work on me, or perhaps the Illumina-R is just too funky for such a glamorous style? I almost feel, actually, like the color doesn’t work well on me, which is unusual since I have had other silver wigs in the past that I really thought looked great. I think Illumina has a touch of blue to it to give a more trendy silver tone than the Sandy Silver, which was more toned down as a true head of gray hair would be, so maybe that’s it? Anyway, for what it’s worth, it was still a cool find, and it’s definitely unique – so here it is:

Vimeo still has a glitch that will not allow viewing on  mobile devices…this is the latest update about the issue from Vimeo: **UPDATE 4/28/2016** We are still awaiting Apple to release an update to iOS. Please note that this issue also affects all browsers on iOS – including Chrome, Firefox, and Opera for iOS. 

Sorry, y’all!

33 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Angelica by Noriko in Illumina-R

  1. Thank you for that amazing review. You look fantastic in the color and your makeup, lipstick and glasses are perfection. Wow, I want it.

  2. The video world on my app yay, okay so like holy hell O.M.G. I ❤️ It. ❤️❤️❤️ such a fun Color and it looks really real. If one wanted to try the grey trend this is the way to do it.

  3. Great color with turquoise! I could see it with purple too…just not for me. Just for some reason I still see it as a Halloween wig…

  4. I think it looks AMAZING! Love the rooted color, and the tone is perfect on you! Hope I can look half as good when I finally decide to go silver/grey!

  5. I have looked on various wig sites and no Angelica Illumina-R. Was it a special order? It is a winner look. Thank you, Deb

    • No, I just stumbled across it at – Kathy at Gallery of Wigs told me that Noriko did make a handful of Angelicas in this color; they currently have 4 left.

  6. Gotta agree with everyone, I love it on you! Such a pretty color and if Brandi came in it, I’d be rocking it too 🙂 Really hoping there are plenty of longer gray wigs when I’m old enough to wear them regularly if I choose to. Thanks so much for sharing this one. Hope you’re enjoying your Mother’s Day! xo Rachel

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  8. It’s such a beautiful wig. Not too crazy about the silver gray because I dye my own hair to cover my gray because I look half dead with light colored hair, so I don’t think that I’d invest in a unit that color but the length is so luxurious and the layering is gorgeous. When is Noriko going to wake up and make this in a lace front!!!!!!

  9. This is such a gorgeous wig! I’m torn whether I like Zara or this one more. This has beautiful layers! Just wish it as a mono top and lace front as well.

    • Angelica is gorgeous but I think Zara is more natural looking. This one is super glam; women do wear it as a daily wig but it’s a lot to pull off. Just my opinion 😉

  10. Hi Cynthia, Can you let me the price – I need to work out the exchange rate as the Cdn $ is always lower than the States. I live in Toronto, Canada but in sending, do not require it’s box. Many thanks, Deb

  11. Wow I just love it! (I’m surprised because it’s not a colour that I thought would suit anyone.) But it does look great. I think the colour t-shirt also helps, the blue, the silver, really goes. The flow of the hair looks so natural. Man I wish I could wear long wigs, I’m so in love with it!. ( is it possible to get wig envy???) Good job Cynthia, I’m so sold I may just need to try her on.

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