Video Wig Review: Katherine by Jon Renau in Shaded Mocha


I like Katherine better in the video than I did when I looked at it in the mirror. It’s a pretty wig for a nice price, and I love this color, so I have no complaints. Glad I finally gave this one a shot as it’s been on my radar for awhile now.

A wig that has not been on my radar, but I bought, for some reason, anyway, is the Statement Piece by Raquel Welch. I sold a few wigs last week so of course I had to turn around and buy more, and at Galley of Wigs I got an extra 30% off which made it feel a little less ridiculously priced. Then, almost as soon as I hit the ‘buy’ button on that one, I wandered over to another site and found the RW Pure Allure on sale for right around $100, so of course I had to snatch that one  up, too. The jury is still out on whether or not the Pure Allure is HD fiber or not; some sites say it is and others say it’s a regular synthetic, so we’ll see.

And I also have six (yes, SIX) Laines on custom order from Rene of Paris – in case I’ve never mentioned it here before, you can order any wig Rene of Paris/Amore/Noriko makes in whatever color you’d like, for an upcharge and a minimum order number. You can also get anything non-mono custom ordered with a monofilament top, AND you can even custom order discontinued styles! Since Laine is a non-monfilament wig, I have to order six in the Almond Spice-R I want her made in; and there was an extra $10 charge to get her in a rooted color. Custom orders also require 50% down and a wait time of about 17 weeks (although my previous custom orders came in sooner) and returns are not allowed. Take a moment to soak all that information in, people, because it’s pretty awesome. I’d love to order a few discontinued styles, like a Cruz in Almond Rocka-R, but I have to take things one at a time here, especially since I have to order so many of each style; since Laine is one of my all-time favorites I’m starting with her, but plan to order more later (I’ve always wanted a pretty short style in Almond Rocka, but I might go for a discontinued Vi instead of the Cruz…choices, choices…)

Anyway, back to Katherine: here she is.


35 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Katherine by Jon Renau in Shaded Mocha

  1. I LOVE this on you! It’s a beautiful blonde on you and totally a California babe vibe the way it compliments your tan. The style is so flattering and looks incredibly believable in the best kind of way. It just looks like it should be your hair ❤

    Thank you so much for including all the additional info on ROP custom orders! I had no idea you could order literally any wig/color and get a mono top. I feel like you just told me I’ve cream is now considered a vegetable! LOL Next time you placed a accustom wig order for a mono and have one to sell, please let me know!!
    xo Rachel

    • Sorry for so many messages, I just looked up Line and it’s so pretty! If you decided to sell one of the custom Line wigs (if it is a mono of course) please let me know. It reminds me of a slightly shorter and straighter Brandi ❤ Thanks!

  2. To me, this looks like your birth color. You have the green eyes, work ’em! And I think the soft waves close to your face are lovely. Thanks for the info on ROP. There was a little chatter on YT about this a few months back. Do you get a vendor price for buying 6? Thanks for the review.

    • This wig is beautiful.. Thank you for reviews they are so helpful.. I would to know where you sell your wigs and bags?? I am interested…

      • Sometimes on eBay and sometimes in a private Facebook group. If you have email address you can give me, I can email you when I sell stuff. I quit my job yesterday so I am about to go through my bags and wigs and sell some things!

  3. I’d appreciate any more info you have on who/where to contact to custom order. Is this just true for ROP? Kristen looks great on you, but then, I haven’t seen you ever wear one that looks bad.

  4. This length suits you for this kind of Color, and let me know hehe how much you want a lain for lol not that I need one of course lol

  5. I have emailed Jon Renau requesting Katherine with a monopart and lace front. I doubt it will happen. They like to make more expensive full monos or all hand tied. I have Katherine in shaded mocha as well. When I go out in sunlight, the permatease looks awful and obvious around the top and crown. I love the body and waves though. This is one rooted blonde that complements your coloring. Thanks for the video review!

    • I don’t think Renau does custom orders but they may be able to recommend something similar to Katherine. PT doesn’t really bother me in fact I’ve gotten to wear I quite prefer it to having the monotop; the hair is more manageable and moveable to me with the PT. BUt I know a lot of people hate it.

  6. Lovely on you! Pretty color too! I have one but it’s too thick on me. Just ordered a new RW Editor’s Pick. Loving the RW sheer indulgence caps for comfort.

  7. I want to be included when you’re going to custom order! =) =) =)
    Do you have the wigs you’re selling listed somewhere?

  8. My husband just walked past and said what are you watching Sandra Bullock on? I can see why he said that, is it the full side swept bang, or the colour? Both maybe. I like it on you, it moves beautifully.

  9. You’ve already gotten so many positive responses so I’m being repetitive but I have to say I think this is one of my favorites on you if not my all time favorite! The shade is the perfect natural blonde, love the rooting too- very flattering on you! It looks ten times better than any of the stock photos. I think I will give this one a try after seeing this review 😊 I finally got my first Jon Remau & while I like it, the lace front didn’t lay flat so I had to trim it a lot. Also the fibers aren’t nearly as nice as my Amore wigs so I now understand your comparisons. Still, Jon Renau wigs are very well done & natural looking. I wish ROP would come out with more lace fronts or Jon Renau would come out with better colors & fibers at more reasonable prices. This one is an affordable option. Very pretty!

    • Yes Renau’s fibers are a bit more dry, so are the Gabors and Esteticas. Actually everything except Rene of Paris and possibly Louis Ferre is on the drier side. I don’t know if that leads to the wig having a shorter shelf life since none of them last very long anyway, but the feel is definitely different. Still, Renau probably leads the pack in trendy styles as well as options – they have a HUGE line compared to other brands and everything comes in a ton of color choices.

      • Good to know! I’ve been wanting to try Soho Chic as I liked it on you. I’ve got a very small head so it might be an ok fit for me (I think the cap was short on you) Yes, my Courtney was very dry on the ends! The hand tied cap is wonderful though. My problem with their colors is I’m not real find if the choices in brunette shades. The 6F27 looks too orange or brassy to me. The new Renau Chocolate colors looked promising until I saw reviews with the stripes along the parting. I suppose they could be rooted & maybe that would solve it. Eventually I’ll branch out with colors but for now I’m loving the brunette shades 🙂

  10. Marey, I purchased the same wig back in March, and made the mistake of getting it too dark. I thought I was getting something not completely black, but when it arrived, that’s exactly what it is. And, it’s so shiny! I’m going to give it another go this weekend, but I’m going to add some dry shampoo to try and bring down the glare. 😉

    Like you, I can’t decide if it’s the “right shape” for my face, but like any wig, it can get better after you’ve messed around with it a bit. I do like the construction, and the length, and the lace is pretty good, too.

    You’ve had it for a month now. Have you tried it on since then? If so, has your opinion changed?

    • Hi there Laura! No I sold it; I have a pretty fast revolving door when it comes to my wigs, LOL. But JR’s dark browns (and Raquel Welch) are incredibly dark. A color 4 in both brands is an absolute no-go for me and I can’t even imagine how dark a 1 must be! It must look like a black hole on someone’s head. LOL. When it comes to color, I generally prefer getting a blend or something highlighted as opposed to just, say, a sold 6 or something as you get more dimension and can avoid the helmet-head look.

      Katherine is a little too bouncy and big for me and in general the straighter, ‘flatter’ styles work best on my head. Funny because in real life I am always desperate to get ANY fullness or bounce AT ALL into my hair; it’s fine and flat as a board. But wigs have so much hair in them that I am best keeping it as low-density as possible; not that I always do that though. Sometimes the fuller hair is fun.

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