Video Wig Review: Statement Piece by Raquel Welch in SS9/30 Chocolate Copper

Since I quit my job recently, it’s highly likely there will be a decline in wig reviews in the future. Gotta save my coins for a rainy day and all that. I’m sure I’ll still be hitting the clearance sections online and snagging something to wear here and there; it just may not be as often as it’s been lately. But I do still have loads of old reviews I can upload. Stay tuned.

Statement Piece is WAY better in person that it is in the stock photos! More layered than what I usually like, but still, a nice style that’s unlike most of what’s out there already. And the new Raquel Welch colors are lovely, too.

22 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Statement Piece by Raquel Welch in SS9/30 Chocolate Copper

  1. It’s a Statement piece alright!. The Color is pretty the wig not at all. Even the model who’s wearing it on I dislike. It looks raggedy. The bottom of it looks bad. I don’t personally think it looks good at all. Totally not a fan can you tell lol. For me they missed the mark on this. Unfortunately it looks great in Raquel not sure what they did to it on her but it’s a letdown for sure. Also the video of it on when I watched it I was right away disappointed. It just looks dare I say it but wiggy.

  2. I love this one on you….it doesn’t look as wiggy as a lot of the longer wigs I see. I just think so many long wigs look fake. Love this color too. I got a Celebrity and didn’t like it on me..too much hair for me and the color wasn’t me…but I got the Shaded Biscuit in the Crowd Pleaser and loved it as well as the Pale Honey. They are both so natural looking and the comfort level is unreal. Plus light for summer…so I’m pleased. They also put the highlights around the face which is very becoming…but if you don’t like blonde, stay clear of those colors. I couldn’t wear this one due to the high density and length but I love it on you! Love “different” too…;)

  3. I do think I like the JR you’ve had on better than this one as well (the wig itself) or even the last Envy also was great, but the color on this one is beautiful. I really love her colors, but can’t yet find a wig that I really want from her, except for maybe Editors Pick. Thanks for sharing this! πŸ™‚

  4. A rich beautiful new color – great close-up shots. I don’t like this wig on RW – seems to look dry at the ends in her lighter shade, however on you, it is quite striking. Do the ends feel dry or does it just seem to look that way? Any permatese?
    I am glad you quit your job and hope it released your stress walking away from it. You are so gifted and I’m sure your photos would be a welcome addition to any gallery. All the best ahead for you.

    • No, it didn’t feel particularly dry. RW’s hair fiber is not as silky as ROP/Noriko/Amore, but then what is? So I’d say it feels ‘normal.’ If that makes sense.

    • I am and I do – I talk about it more on the private blog, but in a nutshell I’m going to go into business for myself as an academic coach and tutor. And maybe a life coach as well. And possibly throw some photography in there, too.

      • I thought I was going to reading that private blog, but I don’t get updates, so I guess I don’t follow it? Wow, you are ambitious! I know this isn’t quite the same, but I have three friends (2 friends, 1 relative) who are college counselors, meaning they help students get into colleges. There must be some money in that because that seems like quite the coincidence. Good luck in all this, CC!

  5. I like this one on you. Personally, I’d prefer those floppy ends around the face to turn under instead of out, but the color, lace front, mono and style are all really nice. Would I pay a ton for it no. Would I get it if it’s on sale or a good deal, totally. Thanks for showingluck πŸ™‚ Wishing you lots of success on the new business venture! xo Rachel

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