Video Wig Review: Pure Allure by Raquel Welch in R6/30H – Chocolate Copper

For some reason I kept confusing the Pure Allure with the Editor’s Pick and thinking it was HD fiber, which made me hesitate to buy it when I saw it on sale. It was a really good deal, though (barely over $100) so I finally bought it anyway, and was relieved to find that it wasn’t heat-friendly fiber after all. I wasn’t thrilled with how it looked right out of the box, however, because if you just throw it on quickly without playing around with it, it looks very shapeless and blah. But when I tried it on again later I came to love it. By the time I made the video it was a new favorite. As I say in the vid, it reminds me of Samantha by  Amore which was one of the first wigs I fell in love with back when I started wearing them; it’s funny how sentimental I am about some of those first wigs I tried on that felt like “my” hair. This one has the added lace front that Samantha lacks, which is nice, but other than that they are very much alike.

Pure Allure is fairly pricey, but nothing compared to RW’s latest releases; she retails for $211 and can usually be bought for at least 30% off if you buy from the right store or wait for a sale. She does come in the new shaded colors, too, so that’s nice. The color I’m wearing here is an older one that I’ve worn tons of times, so it’s nothing new or exciting but still pretty.

Oh, and I on me I don’t think Pure Allure looks the slightest bit like the advert pictures.

12 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Pure Allure by Raquel Welch in R6/30H – Chocolate Copper

  1. Very cute on you! This length never works on me, but I love the look. This color is so pretty and natural. At full price though, I’d just get the Samantha and tweak it a bit because they look so similar. xo Rachel

  2. Like it! It looks so very natural, especially when you swish it it.
    Love how your background colours and your glasses always compliment the wig colour.

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