Video Wig Review: Glam Slam by Raquel Welch in R32/31

OK y’all, I know. I KNOW. Glam Slam is ridiculous on me. But it was on sale, and I hadn’t reviewed it before, so even though it looks horrible on me, like the old Vogue Wigs pitch woman they no longer use, I stuck it on and filmed it anyway so you could see it.

Oh, Vogue Wigs lady, how we miss you. (WHY did VW ever think hiring a woman with super-loong thick hair to model wigs was a good idea? Such a pretty gal, but her head was where all wigs went to die).

 So let’s just consider this one of those wig videos I can trot out and share anytime someone comments that I have never ever tried on a wig that looked bad on me ever. Yes I have, people. YES I HAVE.

Suffice it to say Glam Slam is for sale, if you’re interested. And while we’re on the subject of selling, it’s really come to my attention lately that while I can re-sell a long wig in a heartbeat and get a decent price for it (although I always under-charge just because they sell fast that way), short wigs are ridiculously hard to unload without giving them away for free. I’ve finally managed to sell the Ryan, but the Tara, cute as she is, is still unsold and the asking price is down to $50 on eBay. And I only wore it for the video, so it’s like new! In the time I’ve had Ryan and Tara listed on eBay, I’ve managed to sell Elle, Scarlett, Pure Allure, AND Statement Piece – and none of those ever had to list on eBay. So even though I still feel like if I had to wear wigs full time I’d go with short ones due to the increased life span, I hesitate to buy them for reviews anymore because I struggle to get rid of them when they don’t work out. That said, I snagged an Ellen Wille Play shortie I’ve been wanting to try forever – found it for $101 which was a good deal for it. I hope I like it, because I know I won’t be able to sell it if I don’t!

It makes me think of Pat Benatar.

Anyway, prepare yourselves for the horror that is Glam Slam on my head.

21 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Glam Slam by Raquel Welch in R32/31

  1. Holy 80’s hair! That’s a lotta wig. I thought I was the only one who was completely perplexed by VW lady. Every single short wig she put on looked exactly the same. I may be interested in the EW if you don’t like it.

  2. That is a LOT of hair! If it deflated a bit, it might be pretty. That color is gorgeous though! You do reds so well!!

  3. Ewww, it so looks… dear I say it…..wiggy. The lace front looks obvious. I’m a straight hair or slight wave person so maybe it’s just me, but this is a thumbs down, even on you. (and I’ve never seen a bad wig on you, I know…. I read you disagree 🙂 ) I do like the colour though.

  4. Sorry – I avoided the video having tossed the slam glam feeling like a clown. I only buy Ellen Wille now and promise you will love Play. What EW styles I can’t get in the States, I buy in the UK. Play is a funky look. Ellen Wille/Perucci line is so natural looking and not thick or shiny glare. It is my addiction. Enjoy!

  5. Cynthia. I’m gonna be honest. You are so friggin’ naturally beautiful and so many of the wigs you review look incredibly great! But this one. No. Just No! You have a very angular face (like me) and that look just doesn’t work for our shaped face. I do give you big kudos for reviewing this wig. I’m sure that it looks great on others but you are too blessed with beautiful and strong features to wear that wig. Please don’t be pissed. I’m just being honest. It is the wig that is faltering. Not you cutie! XOXOXO!

    • Ha no of course not! I got mirrors in my house so I can see what I look like In this thing. Too bad you weren’t around to appreciate the PERM I got a few summers ago 😉

  6. LMAO “her head is where all wigs went to die”… I just googled Welch wig Breeze and got a good laugh from the Voguewigs video. VW has such a good site, but those videos — What were they thinking??
    I always think you look better in a wig than you think you do, but we are on the same page this time!

    • That poor lady – it always sounds like I am making fun of HER but really she is very articulate and professional. It’s just the wigs are styled like helmets and she has too much hair to put under them!

  7. Woah! That is almost of curls lol. The color is nice and I think it looks good on you but it’s just too big for you. Thanks for showing anyway. xo Rachel

  8. The wig lady thing cracked me up! When I first started wearing wigs I watched vids with that lady on and it stopped me buying so many that may well have looked OK on me! Poor lady they all looked sooo bad! Jo xx

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