Video Wig Review: Kate by Sensationnel in DR27

Kate was a real bargain – around $14.99 at the time – and I was quite surprised with how pretty the waves were. However, I was experimenting with lower video quality settings in this vid because tying up my laptop with a video that takes 4-5 housr to render is getting really old, but in the end I did not like the results, so future videos will look better but be back to taking an enormous amount of time to process…oh well.

And as you can see I also decided to play around with some of the more interesting backdrops I mentioned having in my arsenal in a previous post. I think the end results came out kinda cheesy, but I do get bored with doing the some old thing in every video even though I realize in the long run that makes for more professional and consistent results if someone views my vids as a collection. On a positive note, though, I dedicated about 25 minutes last week to figuring out once and for all how to fold the backdrops quickly and I finally figured it out! Don’t ask me to explain it though, because I can’t.

Anyway here’s Kate. I have some other bargains coming up in future videos; as I mention in them I do buy a lot of less expensive styles, but I usually trash them out before I can film them, plus a lot of them only look good on me in photos due to one reason or another, and I hate to show wigs on video and make them look crappy. Plus, some of them are just crappy, but it’s not like spending over $100 on a wig guarantees that won’t happen!

10 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Kate by Sensationnel in DR27

  1. I love the back view of this one! Very pretty! Who would have thought for $14.99! I like my height/permatease at the crown (or a mono), but you can’t beat this price. Looks great on you!

    Side note: I’ve done a few photo shoots for work and after watching the photographer take out and put away his backdrop, I can understand why you’d be frustrated! Looks quite complex!

  2. At first glance I didn’t think much of it, but as you played with it it grew on me! When you did the swishy thing at the back it looked lovely. So I’ve done a 180 and decided it’s rather beautiful. And for the price it’s doubly good! Interesting how you said HD fibre wigs wearing out quickly, I have an 8 week old Rachel Welsh Trendsetter wig and it’s fizzed and dried out at the back so badly, tried all the wig protector products and it’s honestly rather horrible. I’m not kind to my wigs I work outdoors but I’ve never had anything like this before. But I don’t think it’s a HD wig??.
    Anyhow I love the colour on you with this one and it falls beautifully around your face.

    • Synthetics in general don’t have much staying power; how long they last can depend on so many factors but the main culprit is just the synthetic fiber coming into contact with clothing and/or skin that creates constant friction and wears them down. Trendsetter isn’t HD fiber that I recall, and it is a short one so one would think it would last a little longer. But if you’ve been spending more time outdoors lately that could have caused it to crap out sooner. The shelf life on synthetics is so brief if it really makes all the recent price hikes out of line, IMHO. It’s part of the reason why I’m reviewing some cheap alternatives. I mean if a $380 wig is going to go on the fritz in a month, why not just buy a bunch of $20 ones and give it a go? There are a lot of drawbacks, the cap construction to me is the big problem. The cheaper wigs don’t have caps that are very well-wefted (the wefts can be loose) and the other details like the ear tabs, etc. just aren’t up to par – the caps can be itchy and just feel cheap – but it’s not like they are unwearable because of those things, at least not for me. And the truth is the cheaper alternatives have MASSIVE lines and the multitude of styles is outrageous. I will always love my Norikos and Renaus, etc. but I am always looking for alternatives 😉

      • Thanks for your reply Cynthia, I paid 220$ Aus. so I should have as you said got a lot more time out of it. But I will try cheaper wigs after this though. I’ve only ever had Noriko once, I was very happy with it, long long time ago though. It really is trail and error hey. That’s why I love your blogs, I’ve learnt alot even though I’ve been wearing them for most of my life. Thanks again:)

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