Video Wig Review: Play by Ellen Wille in Tobacco Mix

First of all, I tried out a different backdrop this time. Looks a bit less cheesy than the beachy one did, but perhaps is still a bit silly. Whatever, I paid for these backdrops so I might as well use them!

Play is a very cute wig, but not without issues. Nothing that would stop me from buying it again, because I love the cut, the comfort, and the low density of the wig, but that monofilament crown has never worked well on a wig IMHO. I won’t go on about it here, because I do plenty of complaining about it in the vid.

Ellen Wille wigs are hit or miss for me, and for the price they should be more consistent, but I must say the colors are beautiful and when they work, they are great. But I’ve had several with issues that had to be addressed, and to me Play is one of those. I’ll have to take some steam or something to that crown; I think this one is gonna be a keeper for me so I’m probably going to do that at some point. I also have a long Wille wig, Vogue, to review and upload, and a shorty called Click; I’m probably going to be selling both of those, so stay tuned. And I also have a lot more bargain wigs to review; I don’t think my Sensationnel Kate went over as well as my more expensive wig reviews do (the response to it was mostly crickets) but still, I like to provide people with options. I guess if I were better at styling I could perhaps make them look better when I try them on, but it is what it is.

Anyway, let’s Play!

12 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Play by Ellen Wille in Tobacco Mix

  1. I will buy your Click if you decide to sell. This one looks really cute on you….the cut is very, very similar to RW Trendsetter. That’s a hit or miss wig as well but a much better price point than EW minus the totally useless mono crown.

  2. Funny, sometimes I am contemplating a wig style and poof here comes Cynthia with a review! This is one of those times. Play looks great on you, and I am close to buying one, but have heard from video reviews that Willes run small. Is it more snug than, say, ROP? (BTW I find that I kind of pick at shag wigs like you are doing with this one, and maybe that’s the reason I tend to wear bobs more often. But I like the look of the shags more.) Thanks for the review.

    • I didn’t notice it being any smaller than an ROP would be, but my head fits ROPs fine so I guess even it were a touch smaller it wouldn’t stand out for me. It is a comfy cap, I can say that much for sure.

  3. Cynthia, EW wigs are not made to be styled other than finger combing and look best disheveled rather than neat. A lot of her styles are meant to fall in the face and not parted unless there is a mono part. You sure make a LOT of faces as you describe the style – think of it as your fun and funky spirit. You will get a lot of attention and compliments. I think you look great and I’m jealous that you have it and not me. The color is better than I thought it would be and is a definite shade I’ll look forward to getting. You are a good sport with these reviews.

    • Yeah I have always had a problem with that; I want them to look exactly MY way. But then again when making videos you are staring at yourself the whole time and that definitely makes the compulsion to ‘fix’ it worse. I probably wouldn’t be so bad with it were I not able to see myself LOL.

  4. I will agree with another’s comment that it is a lot like Trendsetter RW
    Like you I love the colour, it’s not a colour I’ve come across before. I like it on you.

  5. This color is gorgeous! I think it looks great when the bangs are swept more to the side as you put them a few times in the video. 🙂 Love your lipstick color as well here! Very flattering!

    • Thanks! It’s by Lime Crime – they have a line of lipsticks called Perlees that are long-wearing. This color is called Roswell, and although i’ve tried most of them this is the first color I can really wear. The others have all been too dark. 🙂

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