Video Wig Review: Leela by Sensationnel in DXR1376

I feel like Leela should look better on me than it does; the style is right for me, but I think the bangs and crown are too thick or something. It’s close but something’s a little off. Probably fixable, but I probably won’t bother.

The color is fun for sure, but not something I’d wear out of the house. As I mention in the video I can’t recall if I bought it knowing how it was going to look or not – sometimes I’m all about trying the funky stuff, but then again this doesn’t seem like a look I’d ever choose. Clair Hair shows a lot of the wigs in special colors on mannequin heads so you can see what they look like, but I can’t recall if this was one of the wigs where I got to see the color before ordering and I’m too lazy to go look.

Perhaps it’s the lack of PT in the crown that is throwing this one off on me; the lower-priced wigs usually don’t have it, and while that can  be a good thing I find it can often to lead to a lack of support and/or shape where it’s needed. Not sure. Maybe it’s just too think and it’s overwhelming me a little. Either way, it is a style and cut I usually like, and the price on it was really nice, so I’m OK with trying it out even if it didn’t work.

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