Wig Salon Review: Headcovers Unlimited

My mom has been wanting to wear wigs for several years, and I’ve bought her a few shorties that never quite worked out and she never wore. She also tried to purchase her own online a few times and ended up falling prey to the cheap prices on some overseas sites that use pictures of good wigs like Raquel Welch and then ship the customer a piece of crap that in no way looks like the stock photo. Every time I go visit her, she calls me over to her computer and asks me to point out to her which wigs would look nice on her, which I do repeatedly, but she never pulls the trigger and buys anything.

So when I went out there last week and she started to do the same thing again, I insisted that we find an actual wig salon where she could try some on and make a decision; otherwise, she was going to spend hours clicking on the same pictures of the same wigs over and over at different sites and not buy anything (not that I don’t do the same thing all the time, but still). A quick Google search revealed that an online store I recognized – Headcovers Unlimited – had a physical store about 20 miles from my mother’s house, and, knowing that a lot of brick and mortar stores frown upon drop-ins (as well as knowing that without setting a date my mother probably wouldn’t ever go through with it) I called them up and made an appointment for her this morning at 11:30 AM.


I was surprised when we got to the store at how big it was – this was the front building, and there was another entire building behind it. It looked brand-new and even appeared to still be under construction, and although when we got inside there were no other customers, I noticed right away that the back parking lot was full (my GPS took us around to the back lot when we should have parked in the front one, otherwise I never would have seen any of this). I even made note of it to my mom, because I’ve never seen so many cars parked in a wig salon parking lot before. Keep this in mind because it’s going to be important later.

Photo Jun 28, 11 34 39 AM

There was a $50 charge that we had to pay upfront before the salesgirl would even work with us; I was not surprised by the sitting fee because I know how a brick and mortar store struggles to stay afloat when people can come in, spend an hour trying on wigs, and then leave without buying anything only to find a cheaper price online and purchase it that way. And Headcovers Unlimited didn’t do anything shady like cut off the tags so we did not  know what it was we were trying on, so okay, we paid the $50 upfront with the understanding that the price would be deducted from whatever we bought (well, the full $50 would be deducted if we bought something they had in stock, but if we had to have it ordered only $25 would be deducted from the price, but fine, whatever). Once we’d paid the fee, the salesgirl took us to a little corner of the foyer where they had a vanity table set up for her to try on the wigs.

Photo Jun 28, 11 34 24 AM

As you can see from the photos, the “store” section of all this space was actually quite limited, and was in fact just a tiny little sliver of the front foyer. The rest of the building, from what I could tell, was office space. NOT that I was allowed to see any of it, and I mean ANY of it – because here was the one real bitch of the whole experience, IMHO: by the time I’d driven the 50 miles it took to get to this place, where, might I remind you, we had made an appointment, the salesgirl WOULD NOT LET ME USE THEIR BATHROOM. And after driving fifty miles to get there, believe me, I  needed to pee! I kind of just stared at her and blinked a lot when she first told me this, but she insisted it could not be done because they didn’t have a bathroom at all in that building, and they couldn’t have me walking around to the other one due to ‘liability issues.’ Um, okay. She then told me there was a McDonald’s up the street that had a bathroom I could use, so I had to leave my mom at the store and drive back up the road, through fairly heavy traffic and one very long stoplight, to run into a nasty McDonald’s and use their toilet.

Needless to say, ya’ll, when I got back about 10-15 minutes later, I was – pardon the pun – PISSED. I’m not  going to lie, I pitched a nice little hissy about it at the time, asking the girl if they would SERIOUSLY make my seventy-year-old mother who could barely walk due to her back and knee problems load up in my car and drive to a fast food restaurant to pee after MAKING AN APPOINTMENT at their shop, and she insisted that because their restroom was in the ‘other building’ and there were ‘liability issues’ that yes, that would in fact be the case. I told her that was basically stupid and needed to be recitifed because it was pretty unacceptable, and she continued to apologize but stuck to her guns about the matter. Whatever.

Every time I’ve attempted to shop for wigs in a brick and mortar store, there’s been some sort of weirdness like this going on. My experience at Cookie’s store was better, but going there without an appointment was my first encounter with being treated like a criminal from the moment I entered because I didn’t have one. And yet, even after learning that lesson, I still got treated like a second-class citizen because, after driving almost an hour to get to the store where I’d been sure to make an appointment, I had the audacity to need to pee. What the hell IS it with these places and their bizarre rules and restrctive behavior?

Photo Jun 28, 11 34 34 AM

Speaking of rigid rules, this little section in the photo above was their entire collection of visible wigs (notice in the other photos it’s all hats on the mannequins), so I think you get the gist of how tiny the actual ‘salon’ area of the place was. And you can’t see it here, because my mom is blocking it in this photo, but at the entrance to this little area was a standing sign instructing customers not to go back there. So later, when my mom wanted to look at some blonde colors (she was mostly trying on grays) the salesgirl asked her to walk over to this little area and indicate a few blondes she wanted to try; my mom mistakenly thought that meant she was allowed to walk back there, and once she stepped past the sign the girl actually made her step back and stay out of there, instructing her to just point to which wigs she wanted to try. Seriously? I mean, I get that wigs are delicate and they don’t want their sample wigs being handled, or that I dunno, people try to steal them or something? But again, for someone who has already paid $50 just to try some stuff on, I mean, you really can’t let them walk back behind the counter and look closely at the wigs? Even with the saleperson standing right there to prevent whatever horrible damage it is they think someone might do if they get back there – set everything on fire with a blowtorch, maybe? Pee on the wigs because they’ve been holding it for an hour and aren’t allowed to use their facilities?

Maybe it’s the whole not wanting people to get too much of a look at the tags and brand names, but that didn’t seem to be the case here. All the wigs my mom tried on had their internal tags as well as the hanging tags, and the brand names and colors were clearly marked. In fact, we were instructed to look at all the wigs the store had available on their website and send the names of them in ahead of time, so they could pull what they had in advance. So I don’t get how it could be that. I did take those three pictures of the store, though, and I certainly didn’t hide that I was doing so, so maybe they didn’t trust me with my camera? I dunno, by the time they  went over to look at blondes I’d put up my phone and wasn’t using it at all, and if they’d had a problem with me taking pictures I certainly gave them the opportunity to tell me so, because again, I wasn’t hiding the fact I was taking pictures at all. So yeah, I don’t get it.

OK ranting aside, though, the salesperson did pull several short wigs for my mom and was helpful as well as patient (my mom wanted to try them all on over and over and wanted to try lots of different colors, and overall the appointment lasted an hour). And the wig my mom bought, which was the Winner by Raquel Welch, ended up only costing her about $120 which was a surprise to me. I expected a much bigger markup than this store was adding, and there was also no pressure to purchase anything at all. The girl didn’t try to talk my mom into buying a more expensive wig, or to buy more than one, and in fact, while she was as helpful as she needed to be and always pleasant and patient (even when I was chewing her out over the bathroom situation) she really wasn’t trying to sell to us much at all. She was definitely knowledgeable enough about the wigs she was showing, she just didn’t seem too concerned about whether or not we ordered anything.

Her laid-back attitude, the size of the salon space – especially as opposed to how big the entire two buildings were – and the weirdness about the bathroom all lead me to believe that a negligible amount of the store’s profit comes from in-store sales. In fact, if I had to guess (which I do) I’d surmise they make all their real money from their online store, and the whole operation is a warehouse and ordering center servicing their website, with a few square feet of space thrown in to offer the occasional customer a place to try some on. So, we were basically visiting their warehouse, which is why they didn’t have a bathroom for customers and wouldn’t allow me to go into the ‘other’ building to pee (this would also explain why there were SO many cars in the parking lot when there was no one but us in the store/foyer). Okay. Not exactly sure it’s legal to call yourself an open-to-the-public retail store and not have a bathroom on the premises, and even if it is, it really isn’t wise; but in the end, my mom was happy with the wig she ordered and the service she received, and she really had fun trying on different wigs and getting that personal attention.

So just like the strange experience I had the last time I shopped in a physical store, I will once again chalk this up to a place that can be useful to someone who really  needs a wig (my mom’s hair has thinned considerably over the years) and wants to be sure they get to try some on first before they  buy. But to get that priviledge you’re going to have to follow some really weird rules that may make you feel like you’re doing something sketchy, or secretive, or just plain icky. It seems to me that when dealing with people who have hair loss this would be the last way you want your clients to feel, but my guess is those personal interactions and appointments are so few and far between it’s not worth it to accommodate them any more than they already are. In fact, if you look at their website, it doesn’t advertise the aspect of a physical store anywhere; the only reason I thought to call and make an appointment at all is because the store has been in operation for a LONG time, and I used to work in the area, and back in the 90’s they did have a big physical store with tons of wigs to try on, so I was still remembering that when I Google-searched for my mom and was reminded of the location (they were in another space back then, BTW). 

It’s a shame, though; I get that online ordering has made having an online component a necessity, but it shouldn’t mean that good service goes out the window because of that; if a store really no longer has time to work with people in person because it isn’t worth their time financially, then they should just close up that part of the store and commit fully to their online model.

But hey, that’s just my opinion.

33 thoughts on “Wig Salon Review: Headcovers Unlimited

  1. The store we have here in Nashville sounds like Paradise in comparison. The owner is very friendly, there’s a huge inventory that you can freely touch and view, no pressure to buy, no appointment necessary, wigs marked clearly AND a nice clean bathroom! If she doesn’t carry the wig you want, but does carry the brand (she carries most major brands) she’ll order it for you so you can see it in person but you aren’t locked in to buying it. Of course if you abuse that I’m sure she’d stop offering it to you. She even offers simple alterations for $10 a wig!

    Honestly though, even with all that said, I still prefer shopping online. It’s just easier since I’ve been wearing wigs for a few years, learned which sites are easiest to work with and have the best prices. I’ve bought color rings and found online resources for color comparisons. I typically only visit the local store now to get my wigs thinned or trimmed.

    Sounds crazy that they wouldn’t let you use the restroom, but at least your mom enjoyed the experience and got her wig.
    xo Rachel

    • see, that is the level of service I keep expecting when I go to a physical store, but I have never received anything close to this. I am not sure that even here in the third or fourth largest city in the US something like this exists! I have always wanted to open my own salon so I could offer all that to people, but the start-up costs for a brick and mortar store and the amount of inventory you need to carry to be able to offer competitive prices is outrageous. The store where you are must do one hell of a business! Has it been in operation for a long time? It seems that older stores that had built up clientele before the internet came along can stay afloat but even for them, I know it’s tough. it’s a difficult market.

      I too much prefer shopping online, but there are definitely people like my mom who would simply NEVER have bought a decent wig without, honestly, feeling that pressure to buy one in the store. She was just going to keep looking and looking and never deciding FOREVER. And in fact at the store I really had to force her to make a decision..she kept putting the same two wigs on her head over and over LOL. And then the one she bought was the same one I’d been telling her to buy online for like two years!!

    • And I also always wonder when I go somewhere like this – how would a place like this affect someone who is totally new to wearing wigs and very nervous or unhappy about it? Would that person leave feeling dejected and just never try again? I dunno – my mom does need a wig and she was totally happy, so maybe it’s the opposite and the person who is new to wigs and nervous about wearing them has such low expectations of the experience that just finding one that looks decent is enough for them to be happy. Perhaps it’s us long-time wig-wearers with the super-high standards, LOL.

  2. Hmmm – interesting – what is their game? Have you looked them up on the BBB, yelp or bizrate? Quite surprised at a ‘sitting fee’ – is this common in the States? Isn’t that why the girl is there – to sell wigs? Wonder if they have a license. I’m glad your mom found a wig and had fun trying them on however if you wanted to stir the pot, there are several ways to do just that. It sure would have me royally pissed – you must have quite the even temperament. Your stories are always so interesting and bring me right into the picture. Such a wonderful gift of talking in the now – just like having a conversation but on ‘paper’. It is such a pleasure and adventure experiencing your activities! Warmly, Deb

    • Oh girl, no. I was PISSED OFF. When I got back to the store, I spoke my mind for sure, but I was careful not to go overboard and once I’d had my say I let it go. But in my mind I was already thinking, hmmm wait until I write my review…LOL.

      The store has been in business a long time, AT LEAST 20 years and I think closer to 40. They used to be a big store full of wigs to try on, so that’s what I was expecting, not this teeny little foyer. I think they made the switch at some point to primarily an online store and they only offer the sittings for people who know on their own to call and ask – like I said, they don’t say anywhere on their website that people can visit the store and try things on.

      And the sitting fee isn’t prevalent but it is done and I’d heard of it before. Some stores charge for wig caps, too, when people try things on, or put a limit on how many someone can try. But all of that can come across as tacky pretty easily. Not offering a damn bathroom didn’t help!!

  3. I hate to be reactionary (blah blah blah), but I am really get more than annoyed with all the strange s**t going on lately everywhere. For instance, you can’t buy a decent antique in person any longer. Everything is sold online where nobody can see it before they pay for it. I’ve thought of writing a blog post about all the retail disappearing but I know it will just bum everyone out and I will be labelled a crabby old lady.

    • Oh wow I had not heard of that happening but yeah, I can see it. But antiques? It is not like you can go find something in an antique store and then get online and find it cheaper…like you can something that is mass-produced! But that temptation to have no overhead is a big draw I reckon. What a bummer.

        • When I first started realizing MALLS were closing down all over the country, i felt like I was on another planet. I mean, malls were EVERYTHING when I was growing up. They were the total social hub of the area – I can go back and look at my yearbooks and see how almost every single club and department would go to the mall to get their group photos taken, in front of the fountain or the carousel, and there would be features on things in the mall like the train kids could ride, or the Woolworth’s soda shop where all the teenagers hung out. And now they are all CLOSED because kids just text each other and talk on Twitter or Snapchat and then they shop online. 😦 Of all the things to make me feel old, who ever knew it would be the death of the indoor mall…

  4. Man that experience is nuts! I’ve only bought 2 wigs online, I go in store to get “customer service” in choosing a wig, I would never pay 50$ for the privilege…. and if I did I would EXPECT BRILLIANT customer SERVICE. In my books if you have customers come in there should be a toilet, it’s not like a clothing store which you spend 5 minutes in, I’m like your mum it can take ages for me to find the One I want. I try on heaps. Regardless of how many wigs they sell they should provide for the customer. As you said Cynthia, people who loose their hair often feel pretty crappy about it, maybe vulnerable, the experience should be a kind and comfortable one. Glad your mum had you there. What if you hadn’t and your mum needed to go to the toilet???? I was reading your experience and getting incensed at it all for you.
    But I’m so glad your mum found something she liked 🙂

    • Exactly! I kept trying to think of another place I would make an appointment to go to not having a bathroom would be acceptable and I couldn’t think of a single one!

  5. Marey, I am sorry that this happened to you and your Mom. I think I would have reacted the same way. Little this person knows that you of all people promote her wigs maybe not her store, but the wigs she has on her shelf. I agree with you that I always feel uncomfortable going to these wig stores. There is a place in Raleigh that I went to twice – never again- and found that all she carried were blonde wigs. I found that odd but once I thought about it. I get the feeling she wanted only ladies who wear blonde wigs. I am a brunette and found this odd. and they wonder why they are not doing well. Marey, thanks for your videos!!!!!

    • Interesting – maybe the owner wanted everything to look good on her and she likes blondes? Or if her clientele is older, many older women don’t want to wear dark colors since it can wash them out. Who knows, but man, these wig shops can be so bizarre!

  6. I’m surprised the clerk didn’t confiscate your phone! So, where’s the pic of you mom and her new wig?

    I’ve never shopped in a wig shop, always purchased on line. This experience would definitely put me off to the whole “in-store” shopping thing. The whole “no bathroom” bs just is unacceptable. I wonder if she has to hop in her car and drive down to the McDonald’s too.

    But glad the outcome was a good one for your mom. My mom would have walked out of the store in embarrassment if I would have gone off on the clerk like you did, lololol (and I would have too!)

    So, they charge a $50 fee and apply it to your purchase in-store/in-stock, but only apply $25 to a purchase if they need to order a wig for you? Where do they order it from, their warehouse in the back building? Or am I completely misunderstanding this?

    From the pictures, they look like they are more interested in selling hats than wigs. SMDH. I would not have done well in that place and I’m sure that my name would have been put on some “list” with my picture from their security camera and I would have been asked to never come back.

    • We had to order the right color so she doesn’t have it in yet. But there’s no way she’ll let me photograph her for the blog anyway, LOL.

      I’m really not sure why they have to order so many colors from the manufacturer seeing as they appeared to have a decent sized warehouse, BUT it is posisble they focus more on hats than wigs now. In fact when writing the review I kept accidentally typing WIGS unlimited. So maybe my perception of them as a wig store was off…? But they do have a website that carries tons of wigs, so who knows. I’m not sure why the wig industry is always so weird.

  7. I used to go to this beauty store in Toronto, they sold everything related to hair and then in the back of the store they had wigs as well an area you could try them on. I used to get all my wigs from this store and the lady to this day everytime I go back to Toronto I visit the shop to say hi. And she remembers me which is great. When I moved to Ottawa. My experience was not the same. I had gone to a salon that had wigs but not ones I wanted to try on I could order from a book but decided not to. Then I went into a wig salon that was also working as a hair salon. I tried on three wigs they were all over $800 synthetic wigs. I left with nothing and ended up at a AA wig shop bought three wigs all under $200 two synthetics and one human hair. But since then all online.

  8. Honestly, I’m not sure how long the shop has been there but it might’ve been a while since the owner’s mother owned her own shop for years in Louisville, KY until she retired recently. Prior to that her mom was a school teacher so I’m not sure when her mom opened her store.

    I think maybe having experience with her mom’s store and the fact that she’s the owner has a bit to do with her great customer service. There are 2 part time ladies who work when the owner is off but I’ve never gone when they’re there because they don’t customize the wigs.

    I know she caters more to clients with actual hair loss because her husband wanted her to open more stores and advertise but she didn’t want a bunch of young girls coming in wanting extensions and just changing the feel of the store with a different client base. She mostly gets business by word of mouth and hospital or organization referrals. I know she’s told me the other stores in the area are either wigs more suited for older ladies only, AA beauty shops or just plain rude. I’ve seen people come in and breakdown in tears about losing their hair, angry about it, scared or nervous about it and she truly cares about the customers. I’ve never seen someone leave who didn’t feel encouraged or a complete mental 180 about the situation. She doesn’t push but offers suggestions and understands that sometimes it’s just too much too soon. I’ve never seen anyone leave with a wig that it seems they genuinely didn’t like or want. I guess you could say she’s the wig whisperer lol.

    It kinda sucks though because as great as she is, her kids are getting older and more active so her schedule during the school year can be limited. One day she may just decide not to do it anymore and I don’t know where I’ll go then. It sucks that wearing a wig is made more difficult due to the shopping situations.

    At any rate, hope you stumble across a good store soon. They definitely seem to be a rarity!

  9. I enjoyed reading your story! Incredible and funny and sad all at the same time! So weird about the bathroom. You’re a good daughter.

  10. Hi Marey, I’m the owner of this store and I wanted to comment on your experience. First, I’m happy to hear that your mom enjoyed trying on her wig, that our salesperson was knowledgeable, patient and helpful. It sounds like your mom found a wig that she loved and was overall satisfied with the experience. In addition, the wig she purchased was bought at a highly discounted online price, which would have cost twice as much in another wig shop. While your mother was not allowed behind the glass counter, it sounds like she was able to freely try on as many wigs as she wanted to try on and never felt rushed or pressured.

    I am deeply sorry that our lack of a public bathroom facility was so upsetting and off-putting for you. Building codes state that if we have a public bathroom facility, it must be ADA compliant. While we do have a restroom on the premises for our staff to use, we are in an older building and it is not ADA compliant. If we allow customers to use our staff facility, this would open the door for lawsuits and heavy fines due to us providing a public restroom without accessible facilities.

    To comment on our consultation fee, our prices (as you have seen) are half the price of other wig shops. We do not mark up our wigs in the storefront and we give our in-store customers the same highly discounted online wig prices that are advertised on our web site. The consultation fee helps to offset the cost of the storefront and pays for our licensed cosmetologist who dedicates an hour of her time to individually assist each customer. I’m confident that you will not find this level of service at such a low price anywhere else in the country. The cost of the consultation is deducted from your purchase if you choose to buy something. We feel that this is a huge win-win for the customer.

    Our discounted pricing limits that amount of resources we can provide to the storefront. Remodeling to provide a public bathroom and allowing free access to the wigs also requires continuous styling of our hairpieces. We have considered adding a bathroom and personnel to style the wigs daily that are handled by customers. This would require us to raise our prices. We would appreciate your feedback and the feedback of those in this forum. We would genuinely like to know – would you be willing to pay regular wig store prices for these added services?

    Again, I’m sorry that the experience was upsetting for you, but I hope that this note helps you to understand the reasons behind your experience. I do hope that your mom has enjoyed her new wig and is doing well.

    • I appreciate your response and explanation. My response is going to sound rude, but I really do not intend it that way – I just can’t come up with a less-blunt way to say it.

      In all honesty what enters my head while reading this is that ADA regulations, needing to style the wigs, etc. – none of this is the customer’s problem, but the store has made a choice which has essentially put the problem on the customer. If it requires this many excuses to explain why bathroom facilities are available, that in and of itself is a red flag that something’s off. I think it’s a mistake to make the solution to such issues be to inconvenience the customers and hope that lower prices make up for it. Especially when people are making appointments and paying a fee to shop there. The way I see it, and certainly I do not own a wig salon so my perspective is strictly from that of a customer – Those two things alone (make an appoinrment and pay a fee upfront) are setting customers up with expectations of high quality customer service.

      Furthermore, people who are primarily concerned with price and who would be willing to forgo some level of service for a cheaper wig are not the ones who would be willing to pay fifty bucks upfront for an appointment. So there’s some mixed marketing or something happening here. If keeping the wig costs low is the primary goal, then the store should re-consider requiring customers to make appointments in advance and pay a $50 fee upfront. To me, you’d have a stronger argument for not providing restroom facilities if the store wasn’t requiring commitments from customers that set up higher expectations for service. When I think about other in-store services I might access that require me to make an appointment, I cannot think of one instance where restroom facillities are not provided – If my hair stylist, for example, did not have a bathroom I could use, and I knew I would have to leave the premises and drive to a restroom if I ended up needing to go while at my appointment I would not go to her anymore and would look elsewhere for a stylist. Her offering me cheaper prices wouldn’t change that; it’s just an essential courtesy I would expect a hair salon to have and it would be shocking to me if it weren’t offered.

      Also – if it sounds like my focus on facilities is too picky, I can’t stress enough how basic such a provision is for people. I know women with health issues for whom having a readily available bathroom is a MUST, and it still boggles my mind a little that any store open to the public wouldn’t consider that. Especially a store whose client base is quite often struggling with health issues, It’s really, really surprising to me that this wouldn’t be apparent to any establishment open to the public.

      In my (non-businessperson) opinion, the store needs to decide what kind of store it wants to be, and behave accordingly. If you are truly a discount wig store, and the biggest selling point is that a client can buy a wig there, in-store, for significantly less than other brick and mortars, then focus on that and don’t require appointments and up-front sitting fees. Or, if the main goal here is providing those in-store services to clients, then spend the money to upgade the facilities and make the experience worth the appointment and the fee and raise the cost of the wigs. I don’t know any wig-wearer who expects to go into a store and pay the same for the wigs as they would online – and I know a lot of wig-wearers! They don’t generally even go IN to a physical store unless it’s the service and personal attention they’re wanting, not a low-cost wig.

      As far as keeping the display wigs in an area where clients can’t touch them – that really isn’t a huge concern of mine; it’s just that when handling it with women who don’t understand what goes into keeping synthetic wigs looking nice, it should/could be dealt with better than a huge sign and kind of barking at them when they go past it. But again, that level of customer service wouldn’t be expected if customers weren’t set up to expect more personalized service. I wouldn’t expect a discount/low-cost wig store to do much more than put up signs and shoo me away if I got too close. But if I were paying upfront and making appointments, I’d expect the store to take care of keeping the wigs neat and allow me to at least get up close to them, even if i can’t touch them. Perhaps glass cases, like a jewelry store or something, could help with that.

      Again, thank you for your response. I will reiterate that the salesgirl did her job well and was not rude to my mom, and she knew what she was doing. And even when I got angry and let her know, she remained calm and respectful. I do understand the need to compete with the cheap prices wig-buyers can get online; I considered opening my own salon but dropped it when researched showed how risky it is and how hard it is to turn a profit. It seems every physical store is struggling to figure out how to make things work and how to offer good service AND stay competitive.

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