Video Wig Review: Mary by Foxy Silver in 3T280

Mary can be found many places online; she’s been around quite awhile and you can find tons of other reviews of her on YouTube. She’s one of the shortest wigs out there; I loved it when I bought it several years ago and it was the same length as my bio hair, and I still love it now. Plus, it can be had for a very nice price.

I’m not sure I remembered to mention it in the video, but I pulled my bio hair back into a low ponytail, then pulled the ponytail up and pinned it up at the top of my head to avoid that lump I always get if I just do the pony. It definitely helped, and since Mary’s cap is pretty big I was able to fit all my hair underneath without too much trouble. There’s also some nice coverage over the ear in spite of this wig being so short, which helps conceal bio hair at that place where it wants to poke out.

But before the video, I need to link to the lipstick I’m wearing in these vids, because everyone keeps asking about it: it’s called Roswell, and it’s by Lime Crime. They make these lipsticks that are long-wearing but not liquid (they make the liquid ones too) and most of the colors are too dark for my thin lips (well so far all the other ones have been too dark; thin lips look better in lighter colors). However, Roswell is lighter and quite neutral (in spite of how gray it looks at the site), so finally I found one that works for me. Since the formula is long-wearing, though, the lipstick can be quite drying, so I put some clear lip balm over it just to give it some slip.

And I’m still playing around with backdrops, so today’s background is green foliage.

I’ve really been going down wig-memory road lately, so more super-shorties and some other fun long wigs I’ve bought and loved in the past are going to be reviewed soon. And, many of them are bargain prices to boot. 🙂

There’s also a story to this wig: way back when I started my Flickr page and had pulled in a small group of followers, i still hadn’t chosen a decent username for myself and was using some random one that didn’t mean anything to me. I asked my followers what I should name myself, and one of them messaged me saying how much they loved my Mary wig (the one I had then, not the one I’m wearing in the video below – but it was the same color and everything) and suggested I go by Mary. That name on it’s own was pretty plain, but I took a few days to mull it over, and once I hit on the “Mercy” part it I loved the way it sounded (when I was in high school doing that what-would-you-name-your-daughter-if-you-had-one thing, I used to say I would name her Mercy, so that’s how I came up with that. And no, I don’t seriously think I would have named my daughter Mercy, I was probably just trying to come up with something no one else would say). Oh, and I ended up having to add the “e” to Marey because “mary mercy” was already taken. Moving on.

Anyway, I don’t know what you’re going to think of this one, but I still like it. It looks great in photos too; I took some after shooting all these videos, but I’ve only processed one so far and I totally screwed it up, so I’m not showing you that one. I’ll have some Mary pics for you later.

8 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Mary by Foxy Silver in 3T280

  1. When I first started shopping online for wigs many years ago at Vogue Wigs (when they had super VIP points and great sales), I followed your pictures and descriptions of all kinds of wigs. You were a big influence on me and I would bet many others bought the same styles as I did based on how great you looked, your feedback, and how natural the styles looked on you. VW was pretty stupid to stop you posting pictures – it sure put a damper on my spending and probably their revenues. I am so glad you continue to review brands of all kinds. With your cheekbones and funky glasses, you look great in any style – very short, midlength, and long. Many long overdue thanks for introducing me to the world of wigs.

    • Yeah I just did not like the way VW took one of my photos and put it in a print catalog along with my review. Most people don’t care at all but it REALLY irked me so I quit posting reviews there – plus, when they changed their rewards program not only did I lose all my points but it just wasn’t worth it to review things there anymore. That and the fact that they changed their website into something that is downright impossible to navigate. I hardly ever even look there anymore.

  2. The back looks fab for a shorty! It looks totally believable on you too. I get the whole side profile thing, I’m 50 and I have the chin skin droops thing going on and hate side profiles of me if someone goes to take a pic, you however don’t have that so I think you look pretty ok side on.

    • Thanks – it just isn’t my best view, lol. I think profiles are tough in general, you have to have really tiny features not to look overwhelmed by your nose of your chin!

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