Video Wig Review: Birdie by Hair Sense in Color 4

First of all, a mini-rant: I am up at 4:30 AM writing this post because at 3:00 AM some damned yahoos in my  neighborhood starting shooting off fireworks (it’s the Fourth of July). I live in an area where fireworks are legal, and every Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve I have to tolerate the constant explosions going off until midnight, when they are legally supposed to cease. I hate that enough as it is; I find fireworks dangerous and stupid and pointless, and they upset my pets significantly. They also stress out my father-in-law (who doesn’t live with us but still), who is a veteran and doesn’t like the auditory reminders of the three years he spent fighting in the Korean war, and I do wish our vets were given more consideration at these times and that perhaps people could place others’ peace of mind above their deeply-rooted, inherently-stupid innate desire to blow sh*t up in the cul-de-sac while they drink beer. But setting the damn things off at 3:00 AM was a new one; it was bad enough to have a migraine during the usual explosion time, but to then be woken up with one’s head still hurting and being jolted awake repeatedly by more explosions after you’ve finally started to nod off again is infuriating. Every single time I would almost be back to sleep, BOOM BOOM BOOM – more fireworks. As luck would have it, when they finally stopped 30 minutes later was the one time I could not get back to sleep. I swear it felt personal, as if these idiots knew I was still able to get back to sleep and were intentionally going to keep lighting fireworks until I was good and awake and my migraine back full force. All of this sucks, because my plan was to get up early in the morning and put on this awesome new vintage gown i bought with some interesting costume makeup and take artsy fartsy photos, but that’s probably not going to happen now as I’ll most likely finally get tired again around 10 AM and sleep most of the damn day.

Did I mention how much I loathe fireworks? Moving on.

A few conversations have sprung up recently over the ever-rising price of synthetic wigs; apparently Raquel Welch has raised the prices of some of their older styles, like Camera Ready, by a noticeable amount. This rather surprises me because although I’ve noticed other companies pricing new releases at a higher retail cost than previous wigs, I’ve not yet seen manufacturers actually going back into the past to up the price of older styles. It’s probably not as unusual as it seems to me, but it’s still bothersome. Synthetic wigs simply do not last long enough to justify these prices; I know you all have heard me go on about this before, but it seems to be a case of simply knowing that people who need wigs are going to pay for them no matter what the cost, like pharmaceutical companies, so why not charge more?

All of which leads me to some of the less expensive wigs I’ve been reviewing lately. I’ve been checking out cheaper alternatives, partly because they are fun and easy to buy, but also because I figure it’s got to be getting more and more difficult for people with hair loss to get what they need, so I’d like to start showing some less expensive alternatives. However, the cheaper wigs generally don’t get much feedback from people, which I assume means they aren’t being very well-received. As much as I appreciate the fact that people here ascribe to the ‘if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all’ philosophy that YouTube commenters eschew, it’s still a bit of a bummer, not because I need the feedback but because I really do wish there were cheaper options for people out there that could generate as much interest and enthusiasm as the high-end lines.

Then again, it could be because wigs like this need tweaking to pull them off, and I am neither skilled at doing that nor motivated to do so. I tend to treat these wigs like I do any other, and take it right out of the package and put it on my head to film. While I think there’s real benefit in that, it’s probably also helpful to show how a cheaper alternative can be styled and altered so that it works when wearing it out of the house. I suppose I could work on that, but styling tips have never really been my thing, so it may not ever happen. That said, I still am going to keep buying and trying them, because for whatever reason it’s what I’m enjoying at the moment. And I always do use these wigs in my pictures, even if I don’t wear them out of the house, and a lot of them look great in photos even if in reality they aren’t too great.

Now, having said all that, I  have to mention that this next one does not thrill me much at all, but it sure did the first time I bought it years ago. I’d been racking my brain for weeks trying to remember the name of this thing, because it’s not an  easy one to find; I finally dug WAY back into my photo archives to find a photo of myself in it that i had fortunately titled with the name of the wig. I do think this one would have been better in a highlighted color instead of the solid 4, because it’s pretty dark to start with, and the hair fiber is super-shiny which the dark brown doesn’t help with at all, so I may try another one in a different color and see if it re-captures the love I had for it the first time around that way. However, the other Hair Sense wig I bought and am going to upload for you later makes a much better impression than this one. I bought it in two really awesome, funky colors, which helps, but it also isn’t as full and bouncy as this one. I was tempted to upload that wig first (it’s called April), but in that review I was referencing Birdie repeatedly because I filmed it after reviewing this one, so I thought that would be confusing and went ahead and uploaded this one first. All this to say that if you hate this one, just wait, and you may like Hair Sense wigs better after seeing April.

Got all that? Well okay then, here’s Birdie!


13 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Birdie by Hair Sense in Color 4

  1. About inexpensive wigs as an alternative: I did look up Mary after you reviewed her — too short for me but I looked to see what else was there — and I keep running into the limited color selection with the less expensive wigs. Understand that that keeps the costs down but it doesn’t work for me. In the meantime I am doing my part to support the low-end wigs of the higher priced brands. That includes looking at which ones are being phased out.

    • Oooh good point about colors; i forgot what an issue that is for people who can’t wear brunettes. And I hope my post didn’t make it sound like I was criticizing people for not liking or buying cheaper wigs…I was just wishing they were more of an alternative for people!

  2. Fireworks….grrrr! They’re illegal in the city but can be sold outside city limits for the week before the 4th. Every dips**t in town loads up and it’s a nightly occurrence from June 27th until their stock is fully blown up. Last night was hideous but at least it was over by 1am. On to wigs….they’re getting crazy expensive! I bought a few Paula Young this weekend and those can be hit or miss. At least they’re expanding their color offerings.

    • At least here they only did it last night! I’m hoping tonight they won’t since most people are working tomorrow. You have my sympathies. And Paula Young honestly is less consistent than some of these $9.99 ones I’ve tried…I have pretty much given up on them.

  3. So frustrating with the fireworks! I can never fall back asleep so that would have made me right mad. We heard one random one go off last night here (in Canada). Apparently they missed the memo Canada Day was Friday. Must have been from the US. At least they had the decency to do it at 10:30pm. This looks great on you! I love the curls as well. You look so gorgeous in dark colors! Although it seems you wear almost every color well. Thanks for the review! I always thought cheap styles would look incredibly fake, but this looks pretty good. I’m not a huge fan of the skin parts either though.

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  5. I’m with you on the fireworks issue! They amount of animals that are terrified by them, the amount of noise the make and in birdy breeding season parents can get frightened off their nests and young ones die overnight. ( I can go on a bit we have pranksters letting them off in town every school holidays and weekends!!!!)
    On to the wig….I see a definite Jacqueline Smith (Charlie’s Angels) thing happening! It’s still a little shiny but it’s quite pretty. Great for the price!

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