Video Wig Review: April by Hair Sense in 3T2-2731 and 3T4-224

Seriously, these long color number-names are killing me.

Okay, so I honestly only posted that video of Birdie yesterday so I could upload April today, since I reference Birdie often in this April video. In my opinion, this is where the Hair Sense going gets good – I liked Birdie better the first time around, and certainly the color 4 is more wearable than either of these colors (at least on me) but MAN they are some pretty ones! And they take amazing photos – for example:

April in 3T4-224

They are still shiny even after adding dry shampoo, and those skin parts are NOT the business at all, but I love the style of both April and Birdie and I must admit that at the moment I’m a bit obsessed with them both. In fact, both styles come in a lace front version for $60, and I just ordered ANOTHER April in a new color just to see if a lace front adds any realism. And yeah, I bought another Birdie too in a funky color since I felt like the 4 was a bit of a fail this time around – just too dark and shiny.

For this video, I originally bought April in what I thought was the color you see above, but when it came in I realized I’d gotten the wrong thing. So I went back and ordered it in the blonde. At first I didn’t like the other color but when looking at it on video I realize it’s a nice one, too, and perhaps even a bit more subtle than the 3T4-224. So if you’re keeping count, that means when all is said and done I will own 2 Birdies and 3 Aprils. God help me if I see another color I want to try…the only way to know what these colors are is to hope someone on YouTube has reviewed it, or buy it and take your chances, and sometimes I just HAVE to know, so I buy. You know how it goes.

Anyway without any further folderol – here’s the lovely April!

14 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: April by Hair Sense in 3T2-2731 and 3T4-224

  1. I can’t remember if you ever posted what the originary story for you and wigs is. I mean, I know why I love fried squash and cold pumpkin pie with whipped topping (fake is best). Do you know why you love wigs? Lie on my couch, please . . . .

  2. This style is fabulous! Wow, if it came in something other than a skin part with everyday colors I’d be all over it. Super pretty wave pattern! These colors are definitely fun too. Thanks for sharing!

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