Video Wig Review: Sona by Vanessa Wigs in BT4007

Hm. It’s true I used to wear Sona a lot back in the day, but I don’t recall ever having the issue with the back that I see in this video – it looks thin at the nape and I think you can see the band of the wig. That could be a recurring issue, or it could just be this particular wig; I certainly never saw it when I wore it before and I did wear it out and about a lot, including one trip to a hairstylist when the guy who was going to be cutting my bio hair had no idea I was wearing a wig and was totally confused when I told him it was OK to take my hair off so I could show him what was underneath. He literally did not even understand the concept of removing a wig from my head!

Anyway, it’s still a cute cut aside from the thinness at the nape, and you could find it for a nice price, too.

2 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Sona by Vanessa Wigs in BT4007

  1. I like the cut and style,I think you should get it in auburn or a brunette with redish brown highlights! I could do this in Honey Blonde or auburn or brunette!

  2. Yes very cute cut! The back is great and the left side is very flattering! The shine doesn’t show up on the video so I will just take your word for it 🙂
    What you said about taking your wig off at hairdressers is funny because I went to a Chinese massage place and asked for a head massage last week and he said to take my glasses off, as I did he plonked his hands on my head and I said I’ll just remove my hair first (I don’t often say wig for some reason) he yelped and started saying no no we don’t shave the hair off we massage through your hair! I just took my hair off and he couldn’t work out what I’d done,then another masseur in Chinese explained to him, they all laughed and he said sorry I didn’t know…It was funny, never had that before.

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