Wig Review: Diane by Jon Renau in Color 6F27

I haven’t much felt like making videos lately, and Diane has been sitting in my cabinet for a few weeks. I had just enough time to snap some quick photos this afternoon, so I went ahead and did that in lieu of a video.

Diane is a hand-tied cap, so it’s very comfy and the hair moves about quite easily. Wigs with a hand-tied cap tend to have less pouf than regular wefted ones, and while you can smooth Diane down quite a bit, it still has some nice lift to it. It has a tendency to lie a little flatter than I have it fluffed up here, but this is how it looks best on me. In playing around with it, it was easy to play around with and muss up. It is a cute style, and a lot of fun to wear. It can look a little news-caster-ish on me, but that is always the case with this style.

The hair fiber is a regular synthetic, and it also has a lace front. The lace front looks fine to me; although it has some sparse spots as Renau’s lace fronts tend to have, the bangs on this wig prevent the hairline from showing much anyway. Overall even when pulling back the hair and looking at it, it didn’t seem too bad to me – but I am a lot less picky about that sort of stuff than I used to be. Probably because I don’t wear my wigs full-time anymore, quite honestly.


6F27 is one of my favorite colors from Renau, and it seems like almost every wig they makes has it as an option. Some of the new browns from the Chocolate Collection are also pretty, but I can never go wrong with the 6F27 which is why I choose it often. It matches my bio hair very closely, too.

The cut is well-done and looks great in profile and from the back. Overall, it looks very much like the advertising photos make it appear, which is always a good thing. It looks a bit fuller on me, but most wigs do, plus I do have it fluffed up a bit in the photos. My only complaint would be that it has a very set flip around the ends that from the back and front views you can see more clearly than from the sides; I had no luck whatsoever trying to tame the flippy ends, which is why I liked it fluffed up this way – when I tried to smooth it down, the flipped ends made it a little a bit too Carol Brady for my liking.

But overall, this is a fun style to play around with, and it’s very easy and comfy to wear. Even when messing it up and running my fingers through it vigorously it held up well – that sort of thing is easier to do with a hand-tied cap since there are no wefts to work around. I was able to move the part to either side with no real problems, and straight out of the box it looked completely natural. The price point is high on this one due to the cap, but if you wait for a sale you could possibly get a decent deal. Plus, it is short enough that I think you would get a decent amount of wear out of it; the ends might get a little frizzy but it should last longer than your average long synthetic even then.

It’s very nice, but the style isn’t ‘me.’ I pretty much knew that when I bought it, but I was curious and wanted to try her out.

19 thoughts on “Wig Review: Diane by Jon Renau in Color 6F27

  1. Are you serious…not you…. it’s so beautiful on you!! The colour is just gorgeous.
    …Is it just me or is it like sky by noriko -except the ends flip more…

  2. You’ve done a great job with Diane. I bought a Diane and I really thought it was going to be the perfect wig for me. But I wound up giving it away. Mostly it was becaue the color (8RH14) was flatter than I expected, but also the style just flopped straight; and without highlights you could not see the layers. Did you use product on it?

  3. This one is adorable on you. The cut and color are perfect on you. I wish I could wear something that short. I’m getting tired of long lengths during the hot summer months. Short styles look horrible on me.

    • I would be tired of the long ones right now too – it’s just too damn hot for them. And when it comes to shorties I actually like the super-shorts like that Mary I reviewed awhile back the best. Lots of the more expensive ones are too poufy on me!

  4. Very flattering on you! I would never have guessed this was Diane – the stock photos look very straight and flat. 6F27 is my jam, too, for fall and winter. I haven’t had much luck getting lift with JR mono’s or I’d take this one off your hands.

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