Wig Review: Georgia by Noriko in Champagne-R

I’ve had a few Georgias over the years, and all but the first one I bought have disappointed me. That first one had gorgeous layers that fell perfectly, and honestly I was in love with that style. Then I bought a replacement, and the layers were wonky as hell so I gave it away. Awhile later I decided to try again, based mostly on how great the first one looked in the video review – but I ended up with wonky layers again.

I gave up on trying to make Georgia work for me, but then I spied this one around $120 online, and since Georgia is a full monotop wig that was actually a good deal, so I decided to give it one more go. I had a feeling this color would be a fail on me, but what can I say – I just HAD to know if Georgia could ever recapture the glory of that first one I still think of fondly.

Sadly, it did not. Once again I just do not like what the layers do here. It’s very full, so perhaps that’s part of the problem, I don’t know – the hair just flops all over the place and the shape it creates is just not good for my face. The color is pretty, but not good on me either. The monotop is well-done and it’s nice to still be able to get a full one now and again instead of all the mono parts I’m seeing lately, but even after trying out parting Georgia on both sides, it was still a no on me. For whatever reason, the cut here just doesn’t work for me.

You can see it parted from both sides here – it’s a no for me both ways

Once again I just wasn’t into making a video, but snapping some quick pics was manageable, and I kind of like this idea I landed on to make a photocollage instead of a bunch of photos loaded throughout the post – I think this way you can see how it all works together at once and compare the sides and back to the front, etc. Color gets a bit tricky for me as it’s not consistent from shot to shot, but I’d say the Champagne-R color is best represented in the photos on the left side. All these shots came out with a bit of a green tint to them, which I tried to correct, but color correcting is a bitch in general and I didn’t quite get it right here.

The cap is a standard wefted one with the full monofilament top, and it’s plenty comfy. It also didn’t feel small like some Noriko caps can be. I am sure this would be lovely on the right person, but something about the layers just doesn’t compliment me much. Let me know if you want to take her off my hands. 😉 I’m not keeping this one.

15 thoughts on “Wig Review: Georgia by Noriko in Champagne-R

  1. I find Noriko’s can be a hit or miss with me on how they flop around. The main picture of this one looks very pretty! I think parted that way it works great. Is this color at all similar to Shaded Praline by Jon Renau? Or much lighter/more platinum? I’d try it…but I worry it might be too light for me. Thanks for the review! 🙂

  2. I haven’t read a word yet, just found the pictures so beautiful! Love how you went in an entirely different direction than usual with hair color and clothing. You have an incredible eye for color and style.

  3. IMHO you look fabulous!!!! Of course I’ve seen you review a few other wigs that you thought didn’ t work for you but I’ m thinking – “you need to give this one some time b/c it is lovely on you”.

    That said, let me ask if this has a lot of permatease to it?

  4. I have found that with a fabric steamer you can change most anything on a wig you don’t care for. I have changed spikey to curly to feathered and super curly to straight. If you use a steamer(I got one for 13.00 at walmart) and a round brush you can change the way it lays. You can also put it around a COLD large curling rod and adjust the way the layers fall. Good luck, it looks very good on you so give it a try!

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