Video Wig Review: Molly by It’s a Wig in Color 280

On July 15th I filmed FIVE wig reviews of little shorties I’d recently purchased. It took quite awhile just to film them all (whenever I film that many in a day I’m pretty good and burned out by the last one) and I made sure I had all my camera makeup on and my lighting and set-up right so I could hold my little filming marathon.

UNFORTUNATELY, upon editing the first vid (this one), I realized that the new makeup I’d bought in a slightly darker shade to match my skin since I’ve been out in the sun a bit swimming about in the pool this summer did NOT match the DermaBlend I used on my neck (to cover sun damage, ironically) AT ALL. And, since I am wearing super-short wigs in every single video, the incredibly unsightly LINE around my  jaw is painfully visible. It looks HORRIBLE. I mean, I’m not a huge fan of my profile as it is (not the most flattering angle for either my nose or my chin) but to add a huge makeup demarcation line (not to mention that the foundation was CLEARLY slapped on and the damn line isn’t even a very neat one) was too much for me to bear, so I swept all those videos out of my mind and thought I’d come back to them later if I ever felt I could deal with the disaster.

OK, disaster is probably overstating the problem, but it still makes me cringe. However, I filmed these damn videos so I’m going to edit and share them. From the lack of response these super-short, low-priced wigs tend to get here, I kind of doubt many people will watch long enough into the video to get to the tragic foundation lines anyway. But honestly – I love these little shorties! Especially Molly here, and the Mary I already reviewed. They’re so cheap and easy to wear – it’s literally just a little hair hat – and people really do NOT suspect something this short is a wig. Especially when the wig has some gray in it; I got compliments on Molly constantly and it always freaked people out when I told them it was a wig.

Anyway, for the few who make it to the end of the video, enjoy the ridiculous makeup job. And get ready, because I have four more videos of myself looking a hot mess from the sides!

6 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Molly by It’s a Wig in Color 280

  1. Firstly I just need to say you’re nails look amazing! So love the colour! You’re dog is funny, so was your reaction to it, I laughed because my husband works from home and his Penny( a hand reared finch) sits on his shoulder during the day and when he’s on the phone all his clients say hello to Penny each time she”clucks” at him.. 🙂 Anyway on to the wig, what a great little one for the price! I thought your review was very informative, I would never have thought of doing the scissor thing, tar. I like the wig on you especially the back, it tapers in nicely. Oh your make -up is only noticeable because I was looking for it(sorry) but if you hadn’t of said I doubt if i’d noticed.
    Just of interest if you where to wear it everyday how long would it last?I ask because i just purchased a new wig last week, I tried on a shorty one similar to Molly and my husband loved it, I wasn’t sure about how it would wear (it was a cheapy)….Thanks again for a great review :).

    • It would last at least 3 months, possibly as long as 6. There’s nothing there to really rub against your skin and frizz up, I wouldn’t think. I had several shorties I rotated but I never needed more than one of any of them.

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