Video Wig Review: Cesca by Bohemian in TT8/804

This is a bit of a fun video since I show a before and after of a little shorty I got from Sam’s Beauty. I keep talking about how crummy they look right out of the box, but forgetting to show what one looks like before I mess around with it. So, this time I did just that.

In looking at the video, though, I do wish I’d worked some magic on the back of the wig. In fact, I never thought to do that at all until seeing this one from the back and noticing how plastic it still looks! I think all it needed was the same treatment I gave the front and sides, which is using my blow dryer on it and mussing it up either with a brush or my fingers. That would have made it look much better. I’ll try again next time, I guess. But the rest of it, you can see the difference.

And yes, this is another video where I had that awful makeup line around my jaw, and a spot on my chin because I filmed these right at the time that my lovely little summer outbreak was beginning…oh well. I’m only human, people.

6 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Cesca by Bohemian in TT8/804

  1. Not my favorite wig on you, but I want to thank you for sharing your reviews with all of us in cyberspace. I must say, I love, love, love “Coco” by Rene of Paris in Harvest Gold on you. I think it looks stunning–so much so that I purchased one for myself!.

    • Yeah, I can always tell by the lack of responses that people don’t like the shorties on me. LOL! But I love them! So I keep buying them anyway…glad you like Coco!

  2. I very much like the colour. I am surprised at the difference your playing with it makes, again I wouldn’t have thought of doing the blowdryer on it……Thanks for the shortie reviews:)

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